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Fast Rescue Craft Rescue Cradle – FSE SAFE

Fast Rescue Craft Rescue Cradle – FSE SAFE FRC Rescue Cradles are rescue cradle net frames used to easily and safely scoop and pull onboards a man overboard casualty from a Fast Rescue Craft or other similar rescue crafts. These manual operated rescue cradle frame nets are also found on Rigid Hull Boats – RHIB / RIB […]

Defibrillators AED for Offshore & Maritime – FSE SAFE

Defibrillators AED for Offshore & Maritime – FSE SAFE Offshore platforms – FPSO, Drilling Rigs, Marine Vessels, Rescue Crafts, Fast Rescue Crafts and Boats, Coast guard rescue boats, Ships – Vessels – Boats. Given the protracted response times and isolation of offshore vessels and structures; a defibrillator placement is an essential live-saving component.Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills […]