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FSE SAFE distributors for Dacon Rescue Equipment and supplying to projects worldwide.

Rescue Cradle Frame

Rescue Cradle Frames are manual MOB recovery equipment. Normally fitted on smaller vessels and crafts such as FRC, Rescue Crafts, RHIBs, Tugs. SAR Cutters.

Used by Maritime Rescue Agencies, Patrol Guards, Coast Guard, Navy / Defense, Offshore Platforms on their lifeboats and rescue boats, Offshore Renewable vessels, Offshore Supply Vessels and more.

Key benefits:

Dacon Rescue Frame

Words from the industry:

“At Sea Training International we provide fast craft training to customers in the most demanding sectors. The Dacon Rescue Frame we use in our

training sessions is easy to use and has served us well over 10 years with no maintenance costs and minimal signs of wear.” – Paul Davies, Sea

Training International

Rescue Scoop

Rescue Scoop is very well built long lasting, high quality and most dependable and durable – Power Assisted (Deck Crane) means of Recovery of Man Overboard Casualties onboard the vessel.

Crane Operated Recovery System for Standby- and Supply vessels, Coast Guard cutters,

Pilot vessels, Tugs and utility vessels.

Rescue Scoop meets the relevant class and flag requirements for use on Standby Vessels.

Complying with regulations for Standby / Rescue vessels.

Regulation bodies including DNV, GL, ABS, NMD Norway, UKOOA, NOGEPA, Transport Canada.

Rigid Scrambling Net

Rigid Scrambling Nets are very well built, highly durable and strong rigid nets. The rigid steps makes it easy to climb to safety providing more stability and good grip. The installation frame allows for fold-over stowage and distance from vessels side to scrambling net steps along with distancing wheels on nets allowing for safe usage.

The rods are for Scramble Nets and Rescue Cradles and are tested for minimum tolerance of 450 kg per 1 rod.

More Stable – Non-Slip Climbing – Grip Surface

Compared to more Traditional Rope Scrambling Nets !

Rigid scrambling nets comply to various Class regulation requirements including:

DNV, RINA, GL, ABS, BV, NMD Norway, UKOOA, NOGEPA, Transport Canada.

Dacon Rescue Dummy

Dacon Rescue Dummy is the most realistic, toughest, durable and practical maritime training dummy.

Adjustable weight min 22kgs (empty) to max 85 kgs (fully filled with water).

Drop test of the Dacon Rescue Dummy from 55m. Seven drops were done, and the only damage done were minor ones to the coverall of the dummy.

Key benefits:


  • Compact and Lightweigh Shipping:
  • Est weight and dimensions:
  • 22kg 89 x 67 x 33cm
  • HS Code is 89079009.

Dacon Rescue Basket is another innovative maritime rescue system.

The Rescue Basket is a stable and effective power-assisted rescue basket with a 30+ years track record. It is a rugged aluminium construction with soft padding. It has a large float attached to the mast to prevent capsizing and net covered sides for safety. While in the water this maritime rescue system will have a low floating position, assisting people to easily get inside. The attached fenders will rotate and therefore further contribute to an easy “float-in” access from the sea. The fenders also provide protection when hauled against the ship side during recovery.

The lifting mast folds down for storage and it comes shipped in two halves to keep shipping costs down.

The Dacon Rescue Basket meets the requirements by UKOOA, NMD and various classification societies for use onboard Standby Vessels.