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FSE SAFE are distributors for MRT (Marine Rescue Technologies, UK) PLB – Personal Locators Beacons and MRT Solas Approved LifeJackets

MRT has been manufacturing and supplying commercial man overboard safety solutions and marine safety equipment for over 40 years, becoming industry specialists in aviation, oil & gas, defence, commercial marine & renewable sectors worldwide. MRT is a global leader and continues to develop innovative Personal Locator Beacons (PLB’s) & Offshore Safety Equipment

PLBs Explained

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a personal electronic transmitter used to alert rescuers that there has been a life threatening man over board (MOB) situation with a need to be rescued.

Taking the Search out of Search and Rescue !

LifeSaving PLBs (Personal Locator Beacon) integrated with other MOB (Man Overboard) protection equipment such as Life Jackets , Immersion Suits, Dan Buoys.

The PLB range has been designed to meet the new international safety standards and uses a combination of 121.5MHz, VHF DSC and AIS GPS technologies in a single, compact, robust unit giving you and your crew the greatest chance of survival in the event of an MOB situation.

Essential for Oil & Gas, Offshore and Marine Industries.

PLB sends out a signal on either a 406MHz frequency or Local Area System using 121.5MHz, VHF DSC and/or AIS.

Key Feature:

PLB being a lifesaving product has added Automatic Water Activation feature.

Which means once PLB is submerged under water in 2-5 seconds the PLB will auto activate. So even if casualty is hurt or unconscious and falls overboard, the PLB on contact with water will auto activate.

Compared to other PLBs which are dependent on inflation of lifejacket or manual activation, incase of failure lifejacket to inflate or damage to it during a fall, our PLB ensures auto activation due to contact with water.

Our USP:

  • PLBs have AUTOMATIC WATER ACTIVATION  as well as manual activation. Our range of PLBs will activate on immersion in water. The AU10 and V100 will activate whether your lifejacket activates or fails. This provides a fail-safe should the person enter the water incapacitated or unconscious.
  • Designed for commercial use. Our PLBs were designed specifically for the commercial industry; with a rugged, tough design to withstand daily use in harsh rugged environments.
  • Competitor PLB sends one VHF DSC burst, whether this is received or not. The V100 VHF DSC transmission will continue to transmit until it has been received and acknowledged.