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Donut Escape System

FSE SAFE Singapore – Indonesia distributors for The Donut personal controlled decent device.

Donut safety systems is an innovative range of portable personal escape products for controlled descents during emergencies when conventional means are not possible for the Offshore, Onshore, Marine, Port, Construction and Renewables industry.

FSE Safe Donut Safety Systems

Donut Safety System is a simple, lightweight emergency device designed for escape in Offshore Industry. It is a one-time low-cost purchase solution to meet safety requirements. The DONUT device allows personnel to escape with little physical effort.

How to use it?

The Donut has been designed and developed to support the emergency escape to a liferaft by including a strop that is connected to a liferaft painter line. It is the last means of escape from an offshore installation or FPSO when all other conventional “fixed” means such as helicopters, boats, tied ropes, scramble nets, ladders & other channels are not possible or reachable.

Features of Donut Safety System:

● Containment Bag: Easy to carry (Portable), Simple and Lightweight.
Vacuum Seal: Guarantees the integrity of the system.
Double Action Fixing Hook: Manufactured from high-grade marine stainless steel. Its double-action hook mitigates the uncertainty of unexpected reopening. One-hand control allows the operator to connect to a fixing point even if one hand or arm is damaged.
High Strength / High Visibility Tape: Supports to decrease the volume of the containment bag. High tensile strength prevents the problem of spinning during falls.
Harness: Three-sided design limits the risk of dropping through the harness.
Descender Handle: Friction device with no moving parts preventing automated failure connected with other devices.
Quick Release: Secure, one-handed operation for immediate release if required. Made from high-grade marine stainless steel.

Benefits of Donut Safety System:

● When all the conventional fixed means are non-reachable the Donut Escape System is the secondary and tertiary means of escape. This helps in major cost savings.
● Simple, Lightweight device designed for escape from an offshore platform.
● Other means of escape such as knotted ropes, Chutes, and Scramble nets are not easy to access whereas you can easily access Donut Safety System.
● With proper maintenance, it can be used for more than 25 years with respect to lower life cycle cost as compared to chute systems
● Allows safe entry of evacuee into a throw-over liferaft
● Light and Portable enabling the operator to choose the best time and position to escape
● Helpful to be used with the units harness and for injuries or unconscious personnel with a proper rigid stretcher
● The Donut Systems provides you to remain dry, visible, and warm by locking off decent above water and await rescue.


The Donut is internationally approved includes:

1. European CE Mark
2. UK Department of Transport
3. UK Health and Safety Executive
4. US Coast Guard
5. Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

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Donut Multiple Escape Systems:

Donut multiple escape systems are a cost-effective escape solution for Offshore Industry. It allows operators to install multiple evacuation points, for the complete installation. Supports offshore installation with the use of a Donut descent device. Helpful in Secondary and tertiary escape methods and also an alternative for chute-based systems.

Final Words:

FSE Safe Donut Escape System provides an end-to-end service such as supply, design, and implementation. For further details for Donut Multiple Escape System, please contact us to get the best service in the market.