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Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Station

Emergency equipment is a useful element for businesses, as this is essential for any type of emergency. As it is found that the emergency equipment supports at the time of emergency properly. And there are more chances of saving lives and reduce financial loss. So, here we have discussed more emergency eyewash and shower equipment and how it supports you during an actual emergency.


Do you know? exposure to any dangerous and corrosive substance in the first 10 to 15 seconds is critical, Ignorance and delay in treatment can lead to serious problems. Emergency eyewash and showers stations are the perfect solutions for this as it is effective on-the-spot decontamination. Suitable for workplaces like laboratories and industries where chemicals and gases are used in excess as chemical safety shower allows workers at the workplace to flush away dangerous substances that can cause injury. Secondary chemical exposures or leakages are still there and can still occur even with good engineering controls and safety precautions. So, it is always recommended to use safety goggles, face shields mask, and personal protective equipment. Emergency eyewash shower stations are a significant backup to reduce the outcome from dangerous situations. Explosion-proof eyewash and shower are also effective in extinguishing clothes fires.


● FSE Safe Type EW: Eye/Face Washes

It provides low-speed flow which is useful to wash the eye and face. Eye/Facewash fountain delivers at least 11.4 l/min and delivers eyewash for 15 min. Water temperature is tepid between 16-38 degrees.

● FSE Safe Type ES: Emergency Showers
The emergency showers provide at least 75.7 l/min for 15 minutes. The water temperature tepid between 16-38 degrees. Open Valve activates the system in seconds or less and the valve remains open until the user turns off.

● FSE Safe Type ESW: Combined Emergency Showers and Eye/Face Washes
The name itself suggests that the flow of water is provided with the eye/face wash and emergency shower. Both operate at the same time and are designed in such a way that they can be accessed easily.

● FSE Safe Type OWT: Self Contained Overhead Tank Showers
Overhead tank shower supply supports 630l to 1260 l. Recommended keeping the pressure of water supply as 2-3 bar. As per the requirement, the tank showers are easy to customize with optional accessories and various parts.

● FSE Safe Type CCM: Cubicle Cabin Mounted Showers
Suitable for Indoor applications, easy to customize as per the requirement. Recommended keeping the pressure of water supply as 2-3 bar.

● FSE Safe Type CMO/CMI: Standard Configured Cabin Mounted Showers
It comes with waterproof walls and a ceiling. The cabinet is mounted on a steel mainframe, coated with fiberglass from in and out. Helpful in providing resistance against natural events and solar rays.

● FSE Safe Type MSS: Mobile Showers

● FSE Safe Type EW-P: Portable Eye Washes
Portable eyewashes equipped from a stainless steel material with a fixed or triggered valve and pressurized water tank. Easily carried by 2 people, as it is simple to carry.

● Self Contained Portable Eye Washes

● FSE Safe Type SHT: Separate Header Tanks
A separate header tank is equipped with galvanized steel as standard 1500/2000l that guarantees water flow for 15 minutes. A water tank is available in white, yellow, and green color options.

● FSE Safe Type DECO: Decontamination Unites, CBRN Solutions
It is an industrial type standard decontamination unit, operates automatically when the user steps on the platform. Useful in rapid and easy washing is provided by spinning the water.

● FSE Safe Type BIO: Decontamination misting showers for human sanitizing
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FSE Safe provides a variety of special services for a better customer experience:

1. Consultation: FSE Safe provides complete consultation for your requirement at the time of new plant installation.
2. Quality: FSE Safe provides a wide range of products with standard and optional designs. The quality offered for interior and exterior applications are high. And the total care for heating, cooling, and freezing protection are provided with portable or fixed special systems.
3. Special Solutions: All the products are designed concerning its requirement in each sector. The product cannot substitute with the other.
4. Customized design and solutions: Special design and customization are provided as per the customer’s demand.
5. Sales Support: Our experts and technicians can evaluate your existing shower and eye/face wash fountain systems to ensure compliance with ANSI and EN Standards. our technical team will support you with training and product setup for your new emergency shower. All our products are guaranteed.