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FSE Safe Ropes& Rescue Gear

FSE Safe is a leading distributor and supplier of PMI Rope for rescue operations. We supply a wide range of PMI rope and equipment in different sections. This includes Ropes, Webbing and Cordage, Personal Gear, Hardware, Logistics and Support gear, Patient care, Solutions and kits.

Rope is part of a larger range of Rescue Equipment that FSE Safe carries. Some of the rescue equipment include: Fall Arrest,Fire Rescue,Marine Search and Rescue, Life Saving equipment such as AED and more.


PMI’s completed 4 Decades in the field of life safety rope and equipment for your vertical world. They provide customized ropes as per the requirements in feet and meters. PMI rope rescue runs by rescuers and provides quality ropes and equipment. With years of experience and expertise, we are greatly concerned for people’s safety and take complete care to supply the best quality product.


1. Specific knowledge, top-quality products, and informative support for your safety
2. Takes part actively in American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ASTM International, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and other professional efforts, all with your safety in mind.
3. PMI maintains an ISO 9001 Registered Quality program and their products are tested by appropriate national and international standards.
4. Carries a wide range of life saving Rope Rescue equipment.

PMI specialises in Kits and Solutions for working at heights. This includes: Beal Air Kit, Fibrelight Ladder, Flexible Ladders, Grain Evacuation Tool, Power Drill Adaptors, Power Seat, Rescue Systems, Haul Systems, Hitch Kit, Tower Tec Rescue solutions, Load Management System, Fire Bail out systems and more


PMI is a manufacturer of ropes and equipment for rescue operations and working safely at heights. These ropes and equipment are used at work to rescue at height and confined space. For 40 years PMI has offered a wide range of products that are made in the USA. In addition FSE also carries wide range of global products sourced from around the world, to meet the needs of experts in work and rescue at height. A variety of ropes such as Hudson Classic Professional Rope, Extreme Pro Unicore, and PMI Pit Rope along with Son of Pit and DuraShield Explorer with Technora is easily available with us.


• DurashieldTechnora 11mm & 12.5mm Sheath Rope
• ANSI certified helmets
• BRAVO Tactical Harness
• Expanded hardware selections from SMC, ISC, and PMI climbing rope Technology


PMI ropes are warranty-based for the original retail purchaser for 1 year. If there is any problem with the product quality and material PMI will repair or replace the item without cost. For more details, you can also refer to the brochure.


FSE Safe is a leading supplier of PMI ropes and rescue equipment, providing relevant expertise, guaranteed rescue training, and the best professional gear in the industry. FSE Safe provides all required safety equipment for the on-the-job. All the equipment meets either ANSI, NFPA, OSHA standards for safety.