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FSE Safe – ATEX Ex Heavy Duty Bug Blower

FSE Safe explosion-proof exhaust blower is a specially designed device for hazardous locations including offshore rigs. A hazardous area blower is a strong fan for maximum airflow and low noise. ATEX Ex Heavy Duty Bug Blower is low noise, safe and durable. Helpful to cool and prevent rig crews on both offshore and onshore from harmful downhole gases on the rig floor and irritating flying insects.

While buying a heavy-duty blower the most essential parameter is its size. According to your Oilfield or work areas, plan to go with the suitable size. If you are stuck with this part, don’t worry FSE Safe representative can guide you for this. Our sales team is here to assist you with all the information for heavy-duty blower fans depending on your requirement. Apart from size, you need to look out for the noise of the fans. In maximum cases the work area is quite loud, noise won’t be a problem. 

Are you planning to go for more than one explosion-proof exhaust fan for the project? Book a call with us to get all your queries to be solved. 

How does it work?

Bug blowers is a strong compact device that comes with large fans and multiple sizes. We need to provide power via a generator, which makes the fan spin and the air. With respect to fan blades, the stuff that actually differs from typical fans is surely their size and their power. 

Fan blades are normally much bigger than a normal fan, with more powerful motors. These powerful motors and bigger fan blades help to move more air more efficiently.

Models Available:

24″ Bug Blower 

48″ Bug Blower

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