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FSE Safe ATEX Mobiles Phones

FSE Safe Ecom ATEX mobile phones are designed for use in hazardous areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere is built-in. ATEX phones offer a perfect solution for the workplace.

We provide both the ATEX smartphones and ATEX cell phones which are available in different price ranges. FSE Safe ATEX robust phones are built by focusing more on functions and features than the price. So, to get an idea for which rough phone you need to work in an ATEX zone, it is very important to know in which ATEX zone the work and explosion hazard falls.

ATEX Certified Smart phones provides explosion protection from ecom. Ecom’s mobile phones for dangerous areas guarantee the safety of your workers in all conditions and circumstances. It is certified for ATEX Zones 1 and 2 and comes with all the features and function that you expect from a smartphone.


ATEX cell phones and smartphones are now considered as important devices at the workplace. Now businesses are giving more importance to it as it helps in reducing cost and improves efficiency. This mobility solution provides the great impact on operations. Helps to increase productivity to a greater extent, improves data quality, and the speed and efficiency of talking decisions.


Below we have listed all the types of ATEX-certified rugged smartphones. We offer EX Smart Mobile Phones from Apple, ATEX IECEx Ex Smart Phones, EX Proof Tablets, Explosion Proof iPhone, iSafe Devices, etc. We also provide different accessories to get the product even easier. Such as intrinsically safe phone case to protect your phone or a convenient docking station for the office.

If you are not aware of explosion protection smartphone and explosion proof cell phone, You can book a call with us. And our representative will help you to choose the best ATEX Mobile phones for your requirement. OR you can use our online chat feature and we will give the right answer for your environment.


ATEX Zone 0,1 or 2 is designed for a gas environment workplace whereas zones 20, 21, or 22 are for dust areas.

1. Zone 0/20: Zone 0 or 20 is suitable if you are operating where there is continuous potentially explosive atmosphere for long periods (i.e more than 10% of the working or project duration). In this type of zone the danger is present continuously and for a long period of time, or frequently

2. Zone 1/21: Zone 1 or 21 is suitable if you are operating where there is normal potentially explosive atmosphere is present in high (i.e between 0.1 and 10% of the working or project duration). In this type of zone the danger is present occasionally.

3. Zone 2/22: Zone 2 or 22 is suitable if you are operating where there is low potentially explosive atmosphere and only for a short period is present (i.e less than 0.1% of the operating or activity duration). In this type of zone the danger is present in seldom or for a short time

FSE Safe is the world leading provider for ATEX Mobile Phones for hazardous areas in Industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Offshore, Chemicals, Mining, Pharmaceutical, etc. We provide mobile phones, laptops, tablets, radios, headsets, handhelds, and cases for use in explosion-protected areas, including hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Kindly check the project and your workplace environment before placing an order, and carefully consider which zone the phone should be suitable.

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EX Smart Mobile Phones
Apple iPhone models for Zone 2

iPhone XR | iphone XS | iPhone XS Max | iPhone 6 | iPhone 8 | iPhone SE | iphone 11

Ex Smart Phone for Zone 1

EX Proof Smart Phones – Zone 2

ATEX Samsung Galaxy S10 explosion proof Ex (Android)

Ex Tablets

Zone 2 – iPad Mini 4 | iPad Mini 5 | ipad 9.7 | iPad 10.2

Ex Tablets

Zone 1 – Explosion Proof ATEX / IECEx Apple iPad mini 5