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Blackline Safety Gas Detectors (Rental)

Blackline Safety New Insight 2.0 program Gas Detector that has emergency alert SOS, SMS. Options for contract Push to Talk and Self monitor package

Blackline Safety is a Canadian based company with a new Rescue technology based upon a Connected Lone Worker safety system. Major Oil & Gas and other large to small industrial companies now have the ability to assist lone workers in dangerous and difficult jobs using a technology not available until now. The Blackline G7 system offers companies with Lone Workers a safety monitoring & remote communication system with 2 way texting, enhanced muster capabilities, voice contact for the period of an emergency and a more rugged enclosure. The G7 safety monitoring device also accepts our modular quad/single/no gas cartridges optionally available through our gas detection as a service program for real-time atmospheric monitoring.

If a lone worker goes down or is under threat, Blackline’s safety monitoring system sends a message to the company control room and to supervisors on their smart phones and others in seconds and then “Geo-Locates” them on a map to efficiently reduce response times and send assistance and rescue to the worker as quickly as possible. Blackline offers the world’s first mobile connected real time data personal gas monitor.
FSESAFE Singapore supply in Asia and South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam) for Rental Blackline Safety G7c Gas Detector with emergency alert, SOS, SMS + Options PTT – Push To Talk and Self Monitor package.




Blackline safety is a leader in connected safety monitoring technology, delivering instant situational awareness and connectivity for every industry, location, job and scenario. Our all-new G7 wireless gas detector and lone worker monitoring system is designed from the ground up, featuring an exclusive modular design to support environmental gas detection, lone worker and evacuation management. A choice of three cartridges and a selection of sensors tailors gas detection to every working environment, and online user accounts make it simple to configure devices to meet the needs of every team.