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  • Ruko Sentra Menteng No MN 49, JL Samratulangi Bintaro Sektor 7, Tangerang Selatan 15224 Jakarta


FSESAFE distributors for Lelas France Explosion Proof and Weather Proof Telephone and Communication devices.
Le Las has set itself aim of solving problems of communications in the most difficult environments. The equipment of the fleet of the Navy to firedamp mines in the beginning, Le Las extended its experience and dynamism to the most varied environments, sea, rail transport, ports and airports, chemical plants, oil or simply urban, energy sectors, laboratories and hospitals, civil and military administrations, etc …According to the certified ISO 9001 quality procedures, totally computerized design and manufacture services adapt the most recent technical inputs (like already GSM or voice over IP) in a full range. The development of electronic and mechanical modules allows us to offer a wide range of easily customizable products for the most reduced costs.

Demanded Range includes:
1, 402 range weather proof telephone
2, 229 range Explosion proof telephone – For offshore platform projects
3, 214 range Eexd telephone, Popular for Shipyard and LNG Vessel.
4, Rigcom system (small intercom system, digital or VoIP) designed for Drill rigs.