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Replace existing old ex proof lighting fixtures with Raytec UK LED explosion proof lighting – FSE SAFE

Replace existing old ex proof lighting fixtures with Raytec UK LED explosion proof lighting – FSE SAFE

FSE SAFE Product introduction of our Explosion Proof LED Lighting partners – Raytec UK

Raytec are global technology leaders in Hazardous Area LED Lighting. They manufacture a full range of globally certified SPARTAN Ex luminaires to provide a solution for any application where there is risk of an explosion due to gas or dust.

SPARTAN is a full range of Ex LED luminaires approved for all ATEX and IEC Ex Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area environments, including UL /CSA C1D2 installations. Designed for the most extreme environments, SPARTAN offers the widest range of Flood, Linear, Bulkhead, Bay and Crane luminaires, with emergency and industrial versions also available. All Raytec products are Manufactured and Designed in UK.

FSE SAFE are distributors for Raytec UK LED Explosion proof lighting covering Singapore – Indonesia – Brunei – Vietnam – Thailand and  other regions S. E. Asia and India region. Explosion proof lighting for hazardous areas Zone1 and Zone2 – explosive atmospheres.

Explosion Proof Ex Lighting – Ex Flood lights – Ex Bulk Heads – Ex Bay lights – Ex Linears – Ex Crane Deck Lighting.

  • 100% Designed and Manufacuturer in UK
  • Country of Origin for the Explosion Proof LED Lighting – UK
  • Specialists in Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Lighting
  • Cost-effective and high performance benefits of choosing LED Ex lighting
  • 10+ year lifetime with Raytec luminaires, as units achieve 60% better heat dissipation
  • Raytec 5 year warranty
  • Raytec modular design – help to keep costs low on operational maintenance
  • Dali system enabled (optional) 
  • Intelligent Emergency luminaires
  • Vario Interchangeable Lens Technology  
  • Easy and cost-efficient upgrading from fluorescents to LEDs with the Raytec retrofit design

Replace older Ex Proof Lighting fixtures with FSE SAFE Singapore supplying Raytec UK LED Explosion Proof Lighting fixtures.

Upgrading existing fluorescent fittings to LED Linear luminaires delivers significant advantages; long operating life, a reduction in maintenance, and the availability of emergency variants to ensure output is maintained at times when you need it most.

Explosion Proof LED Lightinging compared to Flourescent Lights, High Pressure Sodium Lights, Metal Halide Lights, Mercury Vapour Lights.

The Ex LED Lights will also provide higher performance, durability and are more cost-effective. 

FSE SAFE can suggest the right upgrade from your old technology to replace with Raytecs LED Ex Lighting.


2 x 18W (2ft) Fluorescent = Ex Proof LED Linears 

2 x 36W (4ft) Fluorescent = Ex Proof LED Linears

2 x 58W (5ft) Fluorescent = Ex Proof LED Linears

400W High Pressure Sodium = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

250W High Pressure Sodium = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

400W Metal Halide = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

250W Metal Halide = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

250W Mercury Vapour = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

400W Mercury Vapour = Ex Proof LED Floodlights and Bay Lights

The Retrofit designs of Raytec Lighting allows 

  • Easy direct replacement of existing fluorescent fittings

  • Compatible dimensions, fixing centres and gland entries

  • Minimises time and cost of installation

  • Interchangeable key components

Key take-aways with the Raytec LED Ex Lightings to replace older exsisting ex lightings such as ex flourescent lighting

1. Raytecs retrofitable design ensures Easy Installation as the designs are matched to the dimensions of traditional fluorescent fittings, while the fixing centres and gland entries are also compatible with the existing fluorescents to provide an easy, direct replacement.

2. FSE Raytec LED Ex Lighting provide an Equivalent level and higher level of light output to an existing fluorescent. Crisp and uniform illumination which is free from glare and exactly replicates traditional 2 x18W or 2x36W fluorescents.

Yes you can Easily upgrade from fluorescent to LED and save a huge cost on the utility bill and maintenance cost. Did you know, a fluorescent will only give you 25% light output on battery power – that’s one tube at half power.

Our 4ft raytec spartan LED linear will give you 100% light output for a minimum of 1 hour. This means that you don’t need as many emergency fixtures which obviously reduces the overall cost of your installed base.

These are available in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 variants and in addition the batteries we use are the industry standard Ni-Cad. They are all ATEX and IECEX approved light fixtures.

Contact us to discuss the efficiency and economical benefits with upgrading your older ex proof lighting with FSE SAFE supplying Raytec UK LED Ex proof lighting. 

Easy direct replacements with compatible to other standard fittings, requires minimum changes to existing fittings to upgrade. 

FSE SAFE for upgrading your exsisting Ex Lighting fixtures with new update technology Explosion Proof LED Lighting fixtures.

FSE SAFE can providing Explosion Proof Lighting in Singapore – Indonesia – Brunei – Thailand – Vietnam for projects for hazardous areas Zone1 and Zone2.

Applications for the explosion proof LED Lighting includes Offshore Drill Rig Explosion Proof Lights, FPSO Explosion Proof Lighting projects, Ex Lighting for Distilleries, Ex Lighting for Refineries, Explosion Proof Lighting for Power Plants, Explosion Proof lighting for all hazardous areas.

Whats New ?
Gen II series Raytec Linears. 
Now with Higher Output – High Performance yet low wattage and operational costs. 

The Gen II Linears come with More Lumens Output and Choice of Optics based on applications. This means lesser units required to cover desired area.

Upgraded lumen package

  • WL168 Standard Ex 4ft Linears – up to 7,000lm

  • WL84 Standard Ex 2ft Linears up to 3,500lm

More efficient driver on standard variants

  • Up to 142lm per watt

Certifications include: ATEX – IECEx – UKCA

  • 100% Manufactured in UK

Emergency Variants: Explosion Proof LED Lighting with Emergency Battery Backup

All products available as an emergency variant

Run at up to 100% light output

3 hours duration as standard

What’s more: You can leverage from Raytec’s FREE Lighting Design Service!

  • Full site modelling

A 3D design plan is used to provide you with a visual representation of what the final installed lighting solution with actually look like, demonstrating the lux levels and spread of light that will be achieved on scene. This will include:

  • Lighting Design Video

  • Illuminance Mapping

  • Lighting Positions 

  • 2D Lighting Positions  

  • Raytec Photometric Data

FSE SAFE Singapore – distributors for Raytec Explosion Proof lighting are supplying to projects worldwide. Distributors ex proof lighting Singapore – Indonesia – Vietnam – Brunei – Thailand – South East Asia – India regions. 

For your LED explosion proof lighting requirements for hazardous area zone1 and zone2 please contact us at