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Thinking of illuminating Hazardous areas? FSESAFE in association with Raytec Explosion proof lightings can help you. – FSE SAFE

Thinking of illuminating Hazardous areas? FSESAFE in association with Raytec Explosion proof lightings can help you. – FSE SAFE

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When we think of illuminating Hazardous areas or confined hazardous spaces such as the ship tank or the chemical storage units, Here, use of normal lightings will be more risky as there is more risk of explosion because of the dangerous gases present in the hazardous spaces like propane, methane etc. The main reason to use the explosion proof light is to put off an explosion from escaping where it could lead to serious harm to the workers or could also ignite flammable substances with low flash points in the area.

Use of explosion proof lightings will not only ensure the risk of explosion but will also make certain the safety and security of the employees. Which is vital for industries. And for the employees to be safe and secure from the disaster in confined spaces the use of lighting fixtures that are capable of avoiding tragic happenings has to be used. Furthermore as per the National Electric code (NEC) published by the National Fire protection association (NFPA) it is mandatory that the lighting equipment to be used in hazardous location needs to explosion proof.

FSESAFE in association with Raytec ensures your illumination in hazardous spaces more safe than ever. With a wide range of explosion proof LEDs and fixtures, our explosion proof lightings are the strongest and most efficient example of how explosion proof lightings could be, which proactively prevents sparks and ignitions.

Explosion proof LED’s offered by us are used in several sectors such as the
  • Mines.
  • Commercial marine projects.
  • Food processing industries.
  • Chemical processing plants.
  • Oil and gas refineries.
The main features offered by Raytec Explosion proof lightings are:
  • ATEX and IEC Ex approved- Zone 1
  • High Lumen output LED with extreme durability and toughness.
  • Wide operating temperature range -50° to +50°C.
  • 5 years of warranty.
  • ‘OP is’ approved (EN60079-28).
  • Retrofittable.
  • A cool running thermal management system to increase power and prolonged life.
  • Energy Saving: RAYTEC luminaires are highly efficient and save costs on maintenance and energy.

Being the Industry expert we understand the N number of benefits that explosion proof lighting can bring to your business and hence we highly encourage you to use explosion proof lights especially if your business is located at hazardous location or confined spaces. However because of the low visibility and mobility of confined spaces it becomes necessary to install explosion proof lightings to carry out maintenance and inspection.