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As falls is a leading cause of workplace injury, protecting the workers while working at height is essential. Safety fall protection equipment is the ideal solution for workers working at height. To provide a safe environment for the workers at the workplace we offer quality fall arrest and fall restraint equipment and brands.

FSE Safe offers effective solutions to professionals for protection and safety problems. HONOR Safety & Consultancy has come up with complete products and systems with a line of fall protection safety. The main aim of HONOR fall protection is to produce a user-friendly, comfortable and productive environment.

Different kinds of fall protection:

There are 3 different types of Fall protection:

1. Passive: Passive fall protection solutions help to protect individuals from reaching the fall hazard by forming a barrier between the individuals and the fall hazard.
2. Fall restraint: Fall restraint uses a tie-off system to prevent people from reaching a fall hazard.
3. Fall arrest: Fall arrest helps to stop a fall that is in progress through a tie-off system.

Most inexpensive form of fall protection:

Fall protection services need a suitable budget and not every company has an extensive budget. But preventing individuals at the workplace is essential as worker’s safety comes first. FSE Safe provides you a customized package as per your requirement. Contact us, our customer team will assist you.

The necessity of Fall protection PPE:

Working more than 5 feet or over water or working at elevation, fall prevention equipment is the solution. In times wherever guardrails are not practical, or while working from two-point suspended scaffolding i.e a temporary structure on the outside of a building requires personal fall arrest protection systems. In these circumstances, positioning device operations such as restraint lifelines are used to prevent from falling off an unguarded edge.

The best method of fall protection:

Reducing the risk is always the most proper solution. Fall protection product is recommended based on a hierarchy of fall prevention systems. This helps to find the most reliable possible solution to a hazard. Guardrails, skylight screens, and other passive forms of fall protection are the most trustworthy and most powerful forms of protection if you cannot reduce the hazard.

If the passive solution is not possible to protect a hazard (guardrail, skylight screens, etc.), then we recommend you to go for working in fall restraint. Fall restraint means that the individual is tied off in such a way that they cannot get to the roof edge or other fall hazards.

But if fall restraint is not possible, then the last option is fall arrest. Fall arrest product solution helps to stop a fall that is already happening. And it is damn risky, Fall arrest can still be dangerous to the employee and requires diligent training and rescue planning.

We don’t believe in a “little safe”

A “little safe” does not exist for FSE Safe. As we aim towards providing the best products and systems designs.

In real terms, fall protection rescue equipment is defined:

1. To consider and chase the lowest possible distance.
2. This leads to growth in less fall energy
3. Less risk of hitting barriers during a fall
4. Substantial lower force on the body

Final Overview:

Operating at height is always a tough job for several industrial employees. FSE Safe has the most professional rescue innovations types of equipment to keep your team safe on the edge of a height. Whether you’re looking for harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, or horizontal and vertical lifeline systems, FSE Safe fall protection system helps to keep workers cool and comfortable, helps maintain range of motion, and holds up with strength when put to the test.

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