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Personnel Safety Nets – Fall Safety Net

Personnel safety netting has been designed and tested to provide protection to workers from falls up to 30 feet. This safety netting also could be used as a heavy-duty debris containment net when the polyethylene mesh is added.


Our personnel safety nets have been tested to meet or exceed ANSI A10.11 (dated 2010) and meet OSHA 1926.105 requirements.

Manufactured from only the highest quality materials. All of our safety nets are manufactured from Polyamide High Tenacity Nylon. PAHT nylon has excellent stretch properties allowing the net system to absorb energy during an impact, making it the perfect material for a safety net. And all of our safety nets are treated with a heavy duty UV blocker to prevent degradation from the sun’s harmful radiation.


Technical References: OSHA 1926.105, ANSI A10.11-2016
Testing Specifications: Section 8.2 of ANSI Standard A10.11- 2016 (17,500 lb dynamic load)
Capacity as Heavy Duty Debris Netting: 4,000 lb static load

FSESAFE also provide netting for applications as per below:

  • Cargo Netting
  • Truck Cargo Net
  • Steel Cargo Net
  • Safety Barrier Netting
    Loading Dock Safety Netting
    Steel Barrier Netting
    Facility and Warehouse Safety Nets
    Construction Safety Nets
    Debris Netting