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Introducing Industrial Self Closing Adjustable Safety Gates

The self-closing adjustable safety gates are engineered to save time and cost when it comes to the door manufacturing sector. Our Industrial self-closing gates are easy to install while offering overall protection and safety.

Besides the convenient and operator-free application, automatically closing safety gates are the safest way to protect workers and prevent injuries.


The adjustable spring-loaded swing door mechanism always ensures that the safety door is closed when working at high places while maintaining a safety buffer zone to protect workers in the workplace.

It is a safe choice for safety stairs, sidewalks, and wherever safety and rescue precautions are the top priorities.

Industrial Utility

The self-closing gates can provide convenience and improve safety across several industrial; sectors. They are widely demanded in workplaces where safety and standards are vital, such as:

● Oil and gas sectors
● Energy stations
● Mining and refineries
● Petrochemical plants


High Visibility
The yellow security gate is corrosion resistant and is made of forged galvanized steel and then powder coated in a safe yellow color for better visibility.

● Adjustability
Self-closing industrial gates are the most flexible and adjustable product on the market. It is necessary to install protective gates in the workplace since no workplace is ideal and therefore requires protection in different ways.

● Easy Installation
In addition, the safety gate system can be easily installed in minutes without the need for welding, cutting, or drilling.

● Spring-Loaded Hinge Mechanism
Each stair gate uses two stainless steel torsion springs for strength and runs on a highly convenient spring-loaded hinge mechanism. The standard swing direction is from left to right, but it can be inverted as well.

● Material
The commercial safety gates are made of mild steel and powder painted in high-vis and durable yellow coating. You could also order zinc-coated self-closing gates as well.

● Durability
Besides the robust design and resistant coating, each easy fit security gate is manufactured to handle over 1 million cycles- which essentially lasts a lifetime.

● Standard Size Compatibility
Our Industrial gates can be fitted with a galvanized sliding plate, hence cutting is rarely required. The fitting openings range from 18″ to 36″ in width.

● Practical Lock Up
To protect personnel when working at height, the auto close gate hinge can be locked to prevent operational accidents.


● Durable design
● fitting openings from 18″ to 36″
● Customizable fit
● Durable steel torsion springs
● In compliance with CE marked, OHS, OSHA, ANSI, and CSA railing standards.
● PCY or ZINC coated.
● Comes with a lifetime guarantee
● Lifetime guarantee

Mounting Options

The gate can be adapted to existing stationary structures where opening protection is required. However, these Adjustable Safety Gates can be integrated into Mounting Hardware without ant welding or cutting. The safety gates mounting system features the following options;

● Parallel
● Perpendicular
● Wall Mount
● Round Tube
● Square tube
● Angle Iron.

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