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FEC LED Wind Cones

A properly designed and installed windsock, while providing vital information to pilots on a field, has support to display both wind direction, but also show head or tail wind. For instance, airport sock is used as an indicator that can easily be visible to pilots during the approach, as well as taxiing for takeoff, and also during mid-field inspection of the runway.


windsock is also known as a wind cone is a conical textile tube that resembles a giant sock. Wind Cones are used primarily to measure the speed and direction of the wind. Our cones are used at many airports. Often, they are lit at night by floodlights surrounding it or with one mounted on the pole shining stars or glow worm from inside it. For more information n the lighting, contact our team of experts.

These large conical pieces of cloth are used to predict the type of wind that is around it hence why it can be seen in many aerial landing stations, wind-prone highways, farms, golf courses, hospitals, oil and gas industry, and chemical plants, where there are chances of chemical gas leakage.

FAA Wind Cone Compliance Certificate

Our cones come with FAA Compliance certification. These cones must be yellow or orange (depending on size) with white stripes. The cone itself should have a specific measurements measurement and may not have any logos or other markings.

By following these standards, our cones become readable; it means they can be used to determine the direction and speed of the wind.


Our wind cones are made of a sturdy aluminum pole. It comes with a heavy duty fabric that can withstand winds up to 111 km/hour, and provide all-weather service.

The construction features high strength and a lightweight profile for durability in all environmental conditions. The base is also fitted with two stabilizing hinges to keep the windsock pole fixed and upright against the strongest winds.

Additionally, the hinged base allows for easy accessibility when maintenance is needed. This design offers a hook and flag clip as well. The sockbase and pole are powder-coated in corrosion-free and orange color- for high visibility and long-lasting protection.

Not only does the wind cone work in any wind, but it’s also environmentally friendly. You‘ll never need to replace or repair anything thanks to the 50,000 hour rated LEDs. Our wind cones are constructed for easy installation and can be moved around your workspace easily. All you need is a mounting base for structural connections. They are available in custom sizes, so you’ll be able to choose the best size for your project.

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Product Specifications

● Pre-wired for quick installation
● Aluminum pole and durable nylon fabric
● Up to 50,000 hour rated LEDs
● Sturdy and lightweight
● Powder-coated paint for corrosion resistance
● Comes in high-vis orange color
● Customized models available

Size Specification

● Our Wind Cones’ dimensions are; Height: 0.48 meters from base to top. The Base comes in: 4 x 105 mm size with holes in a bolt circle- including the bolt circle of 178 mm.
● Basket dimensions are; 457.2 mm in diameter, and 609.6mm in length.
● Windsock dimensions Orange nylon 457.2 mm x 1828 mm, orange.

Available Models

● FEC LED Internally Illuminated Wind Cone

This aviation Wind Cone model is made of polyester fabric. The light source is two 18-watt PAR38 LED spotlights, which can provide 1155 lumens output per lamp.
It features different floodlights that cast a soft floodlight and a more intense floodlight. The floodlights have a color temperature of 2700K, a color rendering index of Ra=90, and Ra=95. ● FEC LED Externally Illuminated Wind Cone

This wind cone functions on 120V-277V, 50/60Hz, 78 watts. It comes with 4 different floodlights each, 18 W; PAR 38 LED Spotlight (1200 lumens per lamp) w/ including a standard E27 screw in base.

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Dealing with strong winds? No problem! Our wind cones are designed to combat even the harshest weather conditions with an outstanding visibility., For more information on each model, or placing an order, contact us today.