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FSE Safe Smoke Hoods – Protective Head Coverings


What is Smoke Hoods?

Smoke hoods air-purifying respiratory protective smoke escaping mask device coverings are specially designed for fire evacuation. Although it is heat resistant it is not intended for fire-fighting purposes, it is infact designed to assist your team to evacuate the premises when fire occurs. You can use Smoke Hoods only one time as they can provide up to 30 or 60 minutes of air purification.

Smoke hoods comprise a filter system that helps to protect the wearers from breathing unwanted smoke. It is also referred to as protective head coverings and is made of a heat-resistant material that supports up to 350 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Key features & Function:

● Supports air purification for up to 30 to 60 minutes in hazardous conditions.
● Simple and Easy to use.
● Innovative life-saving smoke protection masks
● Convert Toxic carbon monoxide to comparatively harmless carbon dioxide through a catalytic process.
● Most of the designs use an activated charcoal filter to screen out corrosive gases, such as ammonia and chlorine, and acid gases, such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide.
● The temperature of inhaled gases is maintained within acceptable limits.
● Smoke hoods are equipped with flame retardant fabric that protects from fire
● A smoke hood’s fire safety leading time is 15 minutes.
● Specially created footrest, with open and close points.
● Soft & comfortable seat with high-density cushioning.
● The half-face smoke filter mask is made from neoprene rubber and fits the user’s face completely.

How to Use:

● First, detach the escape mask from the wall and then take out the escape mask from the cover
● Then remove the rubber plug placed in front of the filter.
● Also, remove the rubber plug placed from the interior side of the smoke filtering mask.
● Pull the mask over your head and pull it downwards covering the neck.
● Then cover your mouth and nose effectively.
● Breathe slowly and then follow the route to the nearby emergency exit.

FSE Safe Smoke Hoods:

FSE Safe life-saving device Smoke Hood is a must for Oil and Gas industry, Offices, Industries,Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, etc. It is simple and easy to use with mechanical and chemical filters. Filters are used to block harmful gases such as CO, HCN, HCL, Acrolein, and provide the residents precious time of 15 minutes to escape safely.

While escaping from a building there are vulnerable people who need time to escape. As most of the fire accidents are not only fire but smoke that causes several damages. So, this is the best emergency support hood equipment that helps to escape even if you need more time to escape.

As you may know, Server Room, Network Room Engineers, Lab Scientists, Process Engineers, Complex Machine Operators, ERT members, OT Doctors, Staff, Nurses, Cabin Crews, Passengers, require extra time while escaping. As they need to follow shutdown procedures before escaping. Hence, during such critical situations smoke hood can be a lifesaver as it provides respiratory, head, and eye protection against smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident.

Final Comments:

Innovative and Special designed life-saving products Smoke Hoods are required particularly in areas of work where dangers of fire are relatively high and escape routes are difficult or long. This could be industries prone to combustions, job requirements that require staff to shut down or close off or perform functions before evacuation. This could be offices, buildings, industrial plants amongst others. The main aim is to save a precious life.

Simple and easy to use and can be operated by an untrained person as well. FSE Safe focused on life-saving rescue products to improve the life safety of people. You may also check our life-saving products such as Rescue Kit, Beacons, and Strobes, Ex Portable LED lighting. FSE Safe has provided a large section of its rescue products. Get a quotation by Contacting Us now.