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Here at FSE Safe, we believe that safety can never be taken for granted. Our kits of Safety equipment and tools help prepare for unforeseen circumstances. We offer Helicopter Crash Equipment and Safety Tools to assist an instant response to helicopter crash accidents and rescue missions- Being prepared in any situation is paramount.

We offer practical, time-efficient Helicopter Crash Equipment. Our kits and individual rescue equipment include fire suppression devices with side objects, boxes kits, first aid, and more. With the products test certificate, we help comply with any FAA standard and we include 437 regulations as well as NFPA and ICAO requirements.

Here is a list of our best-selling helicopter crash equipment. For more information on the kits, get in touch with our rescue expert team and let us know if you need to customize your own.


Helicopter Crash Emergency Equipment contains the necessary tools used during a rescue operation to help ground and command members. With the Helicopter Crash Rescue Locker H1/H2 Package, all tools are in one place and include;

Adjustable wrench, Rescue axe, Cutters, Crowbar, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Fire Resistant Blanket, Ladder, Lifeline rescue harness, Assorted screwdrivers, Mineral Fiber, Filter masks, and more.

Besides the recommended tools that are needed for the right rescue missions, it also includes an emergency document with instructions on how to use it. Contact us and have our crashrescue locker kit customized for your unique needs.


This helicopter crash equipment package is compliant with the safety regulations and offers reliable performance in intense conditions, thanks to its durable design and premium materials.

Whether you’re looking to escape or control a helicopter crash, H3’s innovative rescue equipment is made of premium materials for reliable performance. All of our products comply with strict safety regulations.

Most pieces of helicopter crash equipment are included in this rescue kit. It includes, but is not limited to; Large Rescue Axe Bolt Cutters, Equipment Locker, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Large Crowbar, Rescue Harness, Side Cutting Pliers, Power Cutting Tool, Harness Knife & Sheath, Fire Resistant Blanket, Gloves, etc.

Helicopter Crash support equipment is used to prevent disaster in the event of a crash. Kits include kits for offshore helidecks and land-based heliports. You can get H3 lockers or personalize your own portable kit.

Emergency Escape Grab Bag

There are many items you never see coming. For every item, there is an equal countermeasure to protect you. A grab bag is just one of them. It is filled with the essential items you might need in case of an emergency.

Unlike other safety lines and equipment, your grab bag is a no-nonsense secure and secure alternate. Every piece you add to your snag for carrying for a tool or more kit should be essential to the return to safety.

Emergency items are always stored in quick-release grab bags, so survivors can quickly save themselves when emergencies occur. Packaged with everything you need to escape tight quarters during an emergency, the bag includes a smoke hood to categorize EN403, fire gloves to be classified as EN659, and torches issued to ATEX approval or with light sticks. The holdall is screen printed in high-visibility orange or yellow plastic PVC sporting the phrases “Emergency Use Only”.

Rehobot Sparkless Hydraulic Power Cutting Tool

Most rescue tools for helicopter crashes are hand-operated and do not require an external power source. Rehobot’s Combi tool is hand operated and powered by a 200-cell battery, can offset heavy loads, and utilizes a dynamic suspension system to promote compact storage.

The HKS35/200 weight at only 9.5kg and can be rotated through 360 degrees. It comes with an ergonomic design to make it easy to use in any position and increase efficiency.

This high-performing tool features many unique properties; The Integrated Hydraulic Pump is a double-speed pump enabling faster tool operation. Its spreader tips are easy to remove to facilitate cutting work if necessary. It offers a powerful combination tool for cutting, spreading, and squeezing operations. It can be used in any position, horizontal or vertical. Additionally, it presents a build-in safety valve.

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