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Aircraft and Helicopter Obstruction and Warning Light

The obstruction and aircraft warning lights and beacons function as aircraft warning systems. At FSE Safe, we understand that all your requirements for airfield obstruction lighting, amber locator protection, direction lighting, and approach lighting could work together to actually optimize your system.

Our aircraft warning lights and aviation support lighting systems give you a wide range of options in your search for aviation, obstruction, or warning light systems.

The Necessity of Aircraft Warning Light and Obstruction Lighting

Any object rising overs 200’ requires obstruction lighting. FAA and ICAO guidance is essentially crafted for the proper selection and placement of aircraft signal lights and obstacle lighting equipment.

Our flight lights present a complete line of signaling lights for aircraft. Before purchasing signal lights for aircraft, be sure to read the FAA’s rules on obstacle lights.

Our light specialists are the original in LED aviation lighting and aircraft warning lights, obstruction lights, and warning beacons. For example, a low-intensity omnidirectional red warning light is installed at the highest point of the system for creating visual indications for the pilots.


Our experience allows us to serve our customers whether their desired aircraft lights are for diverse industries with particular needs, such as security or law enforcement, or type of aircraft lighting, such as runway lighting for airplanes.

FSE Safe specialized in providing a wide collection of aircraft lights right from landing lights to strobe lights that are widely used by air ambulances and military vehicles who have various reasons to use aircraft lights; we guarantee the best quality products according to our customers’ requirements.

Advantages of Using Obstruction Lighting

The number of planes flying around the world has greatly increased and there are many technological developments supporting the use of high-rise structures; however, this does not mean the increasing risk wouldn’t affect the aviation department without maintaining efficient control over the structures which could cause a risk over aviation. Obstruction lights reduce the risks and increase the accuracy of aviation-critical functions.

● Accuracy

Any hazard that is above the ground level may be required to have a light providing valuable information which will help treat potential dangers.

● Automatic Setting

Aircraft indicator lights can be triggered with the movements of aircraft. They could also function manually and be turned off and on by the operator.

● Safety

High-rise structures that can be considered hazards to aircraft must be marked with lights and this will prevent collisions.

● Visual Signals

Obstruction signals will be found as optic or flashing lights with the intention of alerting aircraft on approach to their optimal flight paths.

● Wide Application

Obstruction Lighting guarantees that high-rise buildings, towers, and wind turbines are always visible to aviation at night or in bad weather.

● Visible in all Weather Conditions

After nightfall or in the twilight, they can be used to highlight skyscraper blocks, radio or traffic control towers, high rising electric lines, etc. they provide impeccable signals even in poor weather conditions that can cause visibility problems at altitudes.


These special light sources have been specifically designed to observe even the smallest objects through their quality optics and an adjustable light beam. By directly reflecting the available daylight or artificial light onto the object, our obstruction lights provide high sensitivity and finely make aircraft visible at any time of day.

They function in operations modes such as steady or flashing, in low, medium, and high-intensity varieties.

Designing it with smarter application in mind, these LED obstruction lights will provide a cost-effective and maintenance proved system. It meets the most rigorous safety requirements for solid-state technology in corrosion-free lighting equipment.


● Type of beacon: Steady & Flashing
● Color: Red according to CIE chrom. bound.
● Light Intensity: Over 2000cd
● Flashing rate: 20 – 40 fpm
● Input voltage: 110 – 230 VAC
● Average power consumption: 11 W
● Max power consumption: 35 W
● Average Service Life: 100.000 hours
● Temperature Compatibility: -20°C to +52°C
● Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy copper-free
● Glass Transparent cap
● Weight: 15 + 15 Kg
● Dimensions of each singled lamp (L x W x H): 300x265x660

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