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Helideck Landing Nets

Helideck Landing Nets are designed to improve heliport safety systems. This equipment is tailored with innovative materials and a balanced low-profile design. Their task is to ensure helicopters and personnel’s safety and trouble-free operations on any landing deck.


Helicopter nets are used on offshore helipads, oil rigs, and platforms where more friction and support are required. Heavy-duty perimeter and landing nets protect helipads on offshore facilities, army cargo helicopter pads, cargo stations, and marine vessels, preventing helicopters from slipping and personnel falling overboard.

These Helideck Landing Nets provide risk management and the ability to have no helipad landing network at all, which reduces the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling on busy work helipads.



The webbing net is currently the only material and structure on the market that is approved to be used for heliport landing nets and heliport surrounding nets at sea.


Our landing rope cargo netting is crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and durability in rugged environments, used for the sole purpose of creating an anti-slip surface.


Our helicopter safety net system has been rigorously tested, and it is fully compliant with the requirements of the British CAA CAP437 offshore helicopter landing zone, and international regulations.


In addition to providing friction, the unique construction is integrated with helipad lighting modules to facilitate the performance and range of vision of the perimeter from above & during landings. This way, our helipad nets ensure the visibility of the pilot’s helipad position and final approach safety.


Our standard cuts are made for fitting the common helicopter pad dimensions, but we also offer customized shapes and dimensions.

Custom-made to fit flawlessly, these nets attach directly to the helicopter landing pad design for fully balanced strength- with zero deformation and zero rebounds for added safety. The minimum size depends on the size/type of helicopter for which the landing pad is to be used.


● Tested & Certified for Impeccable Safety
Using cutting-edge technology and creativity to produce superior quality, our nets are made to last. The construction is implied in a way to maintain its shape under impact or stress in the most challenging conditions. You can expect a life cycle of up to five years – much longer than other brands.

The knotless mesh construction and unique non-elastic material for impeccable safety and minimal maintenance.

Guaranteeing Easy Installation & Use

Installation of sisal rope nets is extremely fast and does not take more than a few hours. The lightweight material makes the net easy to install, remove, transport and store. These are important factors for temporary helipad stations and while cleaning and maintaining the pads.

The compact design also fits easily through standard ship doors.

Low Maintenance & High Durability
Once the sisal cable helipad net is installed correctly, there is no need for tightening or loosening during normal helipad operations.

Resitant to UV & Impact
These nets are made of a unique blend of artificial and natural fibers, engineered to resist ultraviolet radiation and other abrasion caused by atmospheric factors.

All-Weather Use & Rugged Marine Utility
For fog, snow, frozen, or wet decks, our nets are suitable for use in all weather conditions. No matter where the landing location is, they prevent helicopters from skidding when landing. However, the design is especially useful when boarding a ship at sea.

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● In Accordance with CAA CAP 437 Standards
● Designed with a strong 12mm Sisal Rope
● Certification availability on each purchase DNV 3rd Party Inspection
● Comes with installation straps
● Webbing tie-down strap dimensions: 35mm (1.38″) x 10M (32’ 10″)
● Comes complete with ratchet assembly
● Standard Square shaped net
● Customized fit for circular or octagonal shapes
● Unique price for both standard and customized nets
● Shipping with a convenient standard pallet & compact packaging

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Sisal Rope Nets are specialized in the naval and maritime industry. We supply our nets to industries across the globe and constantly growing products.

We can make a landing net for the helipad according to your exact requirements. For ordering custom nets or standard helicopter nets for the helipads, contact our experts at FSE Safe today.