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Heliport safety and appropriate lighting are essential for safe landing, efficient operations. FEC’s lighting products combine advanced technology with economic solutions. Manufactured by FEC Heliports in the United States. FEC offers high-performing lights for approach lighting system types. We have an option for all types of helipads in the most demanding environments.


Helipads of an integral part of several large organizations, such as; rescue sectors, offshore oil and gas stations, transport modules in outback stations, research groups, and luxury tour companies.

With a wide variety of use in diverse environments, helicopter landing lights and helipad safety remain vital, both to the security of both the crew and bystanders.

FEC Heliports offers a full line of premium quality LED and NVG compatible heliport lights to suit your need; everything you need from perimeter lighting to wind cone assemblies and outboard lights


Our helipad safety lights are engineered from the highest quality materials and certified to industry standards. We offer fully guaranteed performance on all of our products. Proper helideck lighting is a critical safety feature of a heliport or helipad platform.

The function is enhanced with high-performing perimeter LED lights; perimeter and obstruction lights are considered essential safety factors in heliport construction.

When it comes to power sources, our designs are versatile, including options of; direct power input, battery-powered lighting for quick implementation, solar-charged and low voltage. Every unit shares the same and high-quality LED lights and we offer several power connections options that go beyond standard applications.

Innovation and durability are the highlights of our products, designed to withstand rugged environments and industrial use. For cutting back on time and for your convenience, all our lighting systems are pre-wired for quick and effortless installation.

In case of requiring customization, we can design and deliver helipads according to your unique demand.


There are several standard models and accessories;


There are several standard models and accessories;

These series are designed for excellent durability with a mil-spec anodized cast aluminum body.

By outlining and illuminating the perimeter of your landing area, the pilot can easily spot the pad and perform a safe landing during night hours or in heavy fog.

The AC Elevated Ground Mount design features a hermetically sealed optical assembly for reducing the dimming effects of condensation. For improved visibility, each unit of Pad-Star series lighting presents Infra-Red standard equipment. The units are super easy to install and comply with international standards.


The sign of this Inset peri design is where innovation meets utility. They are installed to outline the perimeter of a landing area (TLOF/FATO) and safe landing. As a problem-solving approach, the inset light is a replacement for elevated heliport perimeter lights. While the traditional elevated lights are often knocked down or damaged by aircraft or maintenance vehicles, the AC – powered Inset Lights remain stable. The design is made with a rugged structure to handle vehicular weight as well. The feature compatibility with NVG compatibility and any existing heliport lighting system.


This series of Ground Mount perimeter lights are designed for enhancing the heliport safety by illuminating the perimeter. Using high-quality lighting and mil-spec anodized cast aluminum material, all units are compatible with any weather condition.

The visibility characteristics are improved by a hermetically sealed optical design to reduce condensation. The highlight is Infra-Red standard lighting. All our units are tested and testified for compliance with NVG and all current FAA, ICAO, CAP 437 requirements.

When it comes to power sources, this model can work with direct input or renewable energy sources and even low voltages. They are highly energy efficient and work on a 12-24 volt DC power supply.


The Elevated Pole Mount lighting presents the outstanding features of other models as well; high-quality LD lighting, Infra-Red standard equipment, efficiency in light-marking the perimeter of the landing area, and drugged construction for durability.

They are in compliance with international heliport safety lighting standards with an innovative addition of mil-spec anodized cast aluminum construction.

These lights work on both low voltage and high voltage, direct input, or renewable energy sources. Please note that HP0270 Pole is not included and must be purchased separately.


The DC Inset Semi-Flush design is compatible with a 12-24 volt DC power supply. However, these lights are known for their efficiency in energy consumption. They are specially used for outlining the perimeter of helicopter landing stations and are a substitute for elevated heliport premieres.

With resilient design and sturdy material, these lights can withstand harsh weather and impacts by vehicular weight during, maintenance, landing, and take-off. They highlight infrared, hermitical seal for anti-condensation features and low voltages.

These light fixtures can be used as a replacement or in compliance with other manufacturers’ 10-12” light base with the adapter ring.


Pad-Star® Lighting Controller V2

Innovation, safety, and convenience are at the core of our company’s values; FEC’s Pad-Star Lighting Controller V2 (PLC) is designed to offer a fully digital experience to heliport operators. Besides conveniences, the controllers create a safe zone from the hazardous landing station.

They feature; easy installation and use, reliable configuration via the IP65 rated keypad, and LCD or via UHF wireless link to FEC’s Systems Management Software on an operation computer.

The PLC works on a multi-channel combined power supply and controller for low voltage (12V – 24V DC) wired helipad lights (Pad-Star®). You can also request a PLC V2 along with our digitalized VHF airband receiver for pilot control.

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