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Helipad & Helideck Applications; Lighting, Nets & Crash Equipment

FSE Safe supplies risk management equipment, which may include nets, lighting, and crash equipment to reduce tripping hazards on the helipad. Our company is dedicated to fulfilling your helipad and helideck needs with our variety of equipment, specialized lighting kits for specialized heliports, nets that ensure the safety of aircraft, and countless other rescue supplies. Our ISO certifications ensure that equipment is reliable for an array of applications.

Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting

Helipads and helidecks can use FEC’s Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting when working around volatile gasses such as in oil and gas rigs. Helideck lights can prevent accidents such as explosions or O2 deprivation when using LED and NVG compatible fixtures.

In addition to explosion-proof features, our helicopter lighting is constructed with meticulous attention to detail. The lights are easy to install with sturdy construction under the harshest environmental conditions. These lights are offered in two different power capacities with premium materials for optimum results upon installation. They are also available in standard and customized models to meet all your requirements.

Heliport Lighting

With reliable helipad perimeter lights, safe helicopter operations are ensured. The lack of these only weakens the heliport as a facility, as it does not provide a clear approach for landing as well as conducting operations after large storms.

Our high-performing lightings are an easy-to-install range of Fixed Heliport Lighting units designed to last the whole service life with required testing certificate. The advanced design uses advanced technology for excellent visibility in all weather conditions.

FEC Heliports heliport and helideck equipment come with a full line of LED and NVG compatible lighting.

The correct heliport lighting is vital for your helipad or helideck. We offer all the top-of-the-line LED units needed, as well as battery-powered options for rapid deployment. Speak to our designers and engineers about an application today!

Aircraft and Heli–Obstruction & Warning Lighting

High-rise structures need warning lighting in order to be seen. These lights are an innovative approach set out by our Helipad & Helideck Application series. Our obstruction and warning lighting will safely guide aircraft to be cautious of high-rise structures. Additionally, we carry crash equipment for any unforeseen disastrous events.

For any situation, we offer a dedicated array of warning lights is employed to avert collisions with such obstacles. High-rise obstacles can pose a hazard to aircraft at any time, and the technological developments of the last century have sprouted new dangers; it only makes sense that we protect our flights with appropriate arrangements.

Helideck Landing Nets

In order to ensure safety and operations, Helideck Landing Nets are designed with innovative materials and a balanced low-profile design. They improve the heliport safety systems by ensuring helicopters and personnel’s safety and trouble-free operation on any landing deck- which reduces the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling on busy work helipads.

Our helideck nets are used by some of the renowned companies across the globe; they are integrated on offshore helipads, oil rigs, and platforms where more friction and support are required. Heavy-duty perimeter and landing nets protect helipads on offshore facilities, army cargo helicopter pads, cargo stations, and marine vessels to prevent the helicopters from slipping and personnel from falling overboard.

Helicopter Crash Equipment

When helicopters crash, quick responses from well-equipped rescue kits are required. Crash Rescue Kits can be useful as ancillary rewards for helicopter crash missions. These kits are designed by field experts to ensure using appropriate tools for an efficient mission.

Rescue equipment is gathered to help prevent, control, or escape helicopter crashes. This set of equipment complies with safety regulations and first responders can use them on intensive response missions. These units are engineered with the best quality material for optimum performance, no matter how extreme the conditions.

● Helicopter Crash Equipment Locker H1/H2 Compliant Package: Used in times of emergency, Helicopter Crash Equipment Locker H1/H2 Compliant Package is the most recommended equipment, including;

Adjustable wrench, Rescue axe, Cutters, Crowbar, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Fire Resistant Blanket, Ladder, Lifeline rescue harness, Assorted screwdrivers, Mineral Fiber Filters masks, and more.

● Emergency Escape Grab Bag:

Escape Grab Bags are all manufactured from high-visibility PVC and screen printed with the words “Emergency Use Only.” The contents of each bag include a smoke hood to EN403, fire gloves to EN659, a torch also approved by ATEX, and light sticks.

● Rehobot Sparkless Hydraulic Power Cutting Tool:

The Rehobot Combi tool provides a perfect solution to when you have no outside source of power. You also have flexibility in your options between the HKS35/200 variant.

It is a lightweight and versatile combination of pump and spreader for helipad and helideck construction. It can connect to ropes for work on the skid at ground level without the need of crane work.

● Helicopter Crash Rescue Locker H3 Package:

Helicopter Crash Rescue Locker H3 Package saves time when offloading wreckage, but it can also protect flight deck personnel in perpetuity. It includes;Large Rescue Axe Bolt Cutters, Equipment Locker, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Large Crowbar, Rescue Harness, Side Cutting Pliers, Power Cutting Tool, Harness Knife & Sheath, Fire Resistant Blanket, Gloves, etc.

Our crash kits are FAA, NFPA, ICAO, and CAP 437 compliant with the necessary equipment to keep workers safe. This includes fire suppression devices, crash box kits, first aid kits, safety netting, and more. To learn more about the kit, contact our rescue expert team.


Designed with high-vis color, our windsocks can be easily seen by approaching pilots who use it as an indicator for landing, takeoff, and mid-field inspection of the runway area. These lightweight aluminum cones can withstand winds of 111 km/hr at their maximum. The helipad wind cones come with heavy-duty fabric that provides all-weather service.

Constructed for durability, this has high strength and a lightweight profile, as well as two hinges for stability against strong wind currents.

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