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Highly Customised Lifting Beams and Tackles for your Engineering needs:

FSE Safe is an eminent organization involved in manufacturing and supplying highly customized adjustable lifting beams, designed as per your requirement. Our extensive range of lifting beams and lifting tackle is design and constructed with the best raw materials and procured from the trustworthy and certified vendors of the market.

FSE Safe focuses more on quality and that’s why our wide range of adjustable spreader beams and tackles is recognized more due to their qualitative features. Lifting tackle and Spreader Beams are more focussed on durability, high tensile strength, corrosion protection, strong construction. The products are mostly used in industrial sectors such as automobiles, refineries, oil and gas, construction, shipping, etc.

Our sales experts are fully trained and can guide you better for the customized design as per your specification and requirement.

Lifting Spreader Beams and Tackles

Lifting Beams:

The lifting beams are long and rigid with a single attached point at a center on the top side, is designed to suit a wide variety of application. It is attached to a crane or lifting machine with the support of a single point. The heavy-duty design of a lifting beam is low in height and more suitable for indoor lifts, also best suited for loads that are too weak or flexible such as thin sheets of metal or steel plates.

Lifting beams can be used with multiple applications as it comes with multiple lifting points under and can be created with changeable or fixed lifting lugs. So, this makes it easy to adjust and can be used for different types of loads.

Lifting Tackle & Equipment:

Lifting Tackle focuses on the safety and efficiency of the complete process same as the smallest shackle and lifting strap.

To help you get the right product to perform. We have a detailed list of products and catalogs from certified and trusted vendors from the world’s best manufacturers. Click on the below button and connect one of our representative for free quote.

Types of Lifting Tackle:

• Wire Rope
We can utilize wire ropes in cranes, hoists, gantries, and different types of slings. FSE Safe makes sure to inspect the product for corrosion, broken wires, etc. We also ensure that wire ropes should not be klink.

We use chains in cranes and different types of sling for lifting cased engines, drums of fuel and oil, etc. FSE Safe ensures to inspect for cracks, flaws, distortion, excessive wear, and socketing.

Fibre Rope
We use slings of fiber rope for lifting propellers and must be inspected for frayed strands, pulled splices, excessive wear, and deterioration.

Aircraft Slings
Aircraft slings are provided to ease the handling, dismantling, and assembly of aircraft components.

Our wide range of lifting tackle catalogs is engineer-approved and are available as:

• Cylinder Block Lifting Tackle
• Flywheel Lifting Tackle
• Engine Lifting Tackle
• Crankshaft Lifting Tackle
• Drum Lifting Tackle
• Flywheel Lifting Tackle
• Front Plate Tackle
• Cylinder Head Lifting Tackle

We also provide you the specialized lifting tools and tackles safety products depends on your requirements, so let’s get in touch. Check out more products like SB Rescue Sling