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DACON Rescue Basket

The DACON Rescue Basket is a stable and efficient power-assisted rescue basket for every situation when multiple individuals are in distress. But rescue basket makes it Easy “float in” entry into the basket. It is well equipped with Heavy-duty material and rugged aluminum construction with soft padding for long service life. Its large float attached to the mast prevents a person from capsizing and net-covered sides for safety. The capacity of the DACON Rescue Basket is 8 persons.

Specially designed marine rescue equipment as while floating in water it has a low floating position which makes it easier for the individuals to get inside. The attached fenders will provide an easy float path from the sea while rotating. Apart from this the fenders also provide protection when drawn against the ship side during recovery.

The Dacon Rescue Basket meets the requirements by UKOOA, NMD, and various classification societies for use onboard Standby Vessels.

FSE DACON RescueStar


The RescueStar® is a versatile rescue system designed to rescue casualties from the sea. Due to its innovative design, the marine safety equipment is easy to use and requires little space for storage. It also allows for high degree of adaptability to onboard and sea conditions.

Special features:
Typical application:

Any and all vessels with limited deck/storage space and the need of a compact stored rescue basket