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Fast Rescue Craft Rescue Cradle – FSE SAFE

Fast Rescue Craft Rescue Cradle – FSE SAFE

FRC Rescue Cradles are rescue cradle net frames used to easily and safely scoop and pull onboards a man overboard casualty from a Fast Rescue Craft or other similar rescue crafts.

These manual operated rescue cradle frame nets are also found on Rigid Hull Boats – RHIB / RIB boats. lifeboats, MOB boats, SAR Boats, Military and Navy RHIB, Tugs and Workboats. All should be equipped with rescue cradle frames such as the Jasons Cradle and Dacon FSE Rescue Frames. We have suitable rescue cradle frame for all types of vessels.

Most popular are the FRC Rescue Cradle Kits which are suitable for upto 900mm / 0.9m freeboard heights. FSE offers rescue cradle frames which is a recovery net made up of parallel horizontal fibreglass rods which are connected by crossing parallel lengths of slotted webbing.

This video shows a stretch test of fiberglass rods. The rods are for Scramble Nets and Rescue Cradles and are tested for minimum tolerance of 450 kg per 1 rod.

Design of Rescue Cradle Frames

Used on several types of vessels for Safe, Gentle and Effective rescue and recovery of MOB casualty operations

The FSE Rescue Cradle Frame consists of a number of parallel fibre glass rods, connected by slotted webbing. The outer bar is fitted with pebble buoys,a maneuvring stick and hand-loops for easy grip. Colors: In addition to the standard red and white color, the frame is also available in grey or black color combinations.

  • Rods – Fibreglass
  • Webbing – Polyester
  • Fittings – Stainless Steel
  • Rope – Polyester
Webbing (slotted, special design):
  • Tensile strength:              5000 kg
  • Width:                                60 mm
  • Material:                            Polyester, UV stabilized
Glass fiber rods:
  • Length:                               1800 mm
  • Diameter:                          14 mm
  • Type:                                   GRP Epoxy type (Howald Process)
Floats on outer rod:
  • Material:                            Expanded PP
  • Buoyancy per float:         0,25 kg
Protection Sleeves on steps:
  • Material:              PEL
  • Colour:                White
  • Attachment:        The Rescue Frame is equipped with 3 stainless steel triangles for installation with shackles, carbine hooks or similar.
Protective cover (not standard): Reinforced PVC cover available.

Selecting the most effective size of Rescue Cradle Frame for your vessel.

FSESAFE helps to provide the right sized rescue cradle needed and applicable on your vessel to provide maximum safety and efficiency with minimum injury hazards while using rescue cradle on your vessel to recover man overboard casualty.

These rescue cradle frames are designed to rescue and recover casualties in conscious or unconscious state.

Safety Alert: All seafarers and offshore workers should be equipped with lifesaving inflatable lifejackets.

FSE highly recommends all seafarers and offshore workers in danger of falling overboards to have their inflatable (preferred SOLAS approved) lifejackets to be equipped with PLB (Personnel LOcator Beacons). PLBs help to alert nearby potential rescuers about man overboard incident and provide GPS location tracking alerts of the MOB casualty. FSE PLBs are one of the safest PLBs due to its True Water Activation feature, ensuring the PLBs are activated as soon as inbuilt sensor are submerged in water for 2-5 seconds regardless if the infaltable lifejacket due to damage or other reason fails to inflate. This provides highest level of safety assurance, much needed for a lifesaving device.

  • Rescue Cradle Frames are having 2 sizing selections.
  • Vertical Length (height) of rescue cradle frame
  • Horizontal Length (width) of rescue cradle frame
Vertical Length

FSE FRC Rescue Cradle comes in vertical length of 2.7m. This is the ideal length for operating on craft of 0.9m/1.0m freeboard height. This allows sufficient outreach and cradle to be formed by the rescue cradle to ensure easy and safe guidance of MOB casualty onto the cradle.

Horizontal Length

The standard horizontal length offered is 1.2m. We also have wide version 1.5m and extra wide 1.8m. We highly recommended if there is space availability, in that case to install the 1.5m or 1.8m width rescue cradle frame.

This is to ensure that the body gets as much support as possible while being rescued. This is also significant for prevention of shock and limitation of any serious injuries the casualty may have sustained.

These important factors should be considered when selecting the most appropriate and optimum size of rescue cradle frame.

Accessories for Rescue Cradle Frame:

For safe and efficient and ease handling of rescue cradle frame, selected vertical height x horizontal length (width) come with useful accessories. Please see table below.

  • Hauling Line
  • Telescopic Maneuvering Stick
  • PVC Cover
Benefits and Key Features of FSE FRC Rescue Cradle Frame
  • Gentle and horizontal recovery of casualties as well as vertical position recovery as a scrambling net
  • Well built, robust design and highly durable with long life expectancy
  • Quick and effective deployment and retreival
  • Optimum vertical and horizontal lengths for safest and efficient rescue recovery
  • Light weight and less bulky. Easy to handle and requires minimal space on board
  • No mandatory service – Significantly reduces Total Lifecycle Cost
  • Intuitive use, no instructions required – Easy to install
  • Attractive price
  • DNV Type Examination Certificate
For complete guidelines and specification for FSE Rescue Cradle Frame