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FSE Safe brings to you a wide range of high-quality fire and rescue equipment such as manikins or rescue training dummies for realistic rescue scenarios.

FSE Safe Rescue manikin is specially designed for water rescue training to emulate the feeling of a person during a real-life rescue situation. This Rescue Dummy is the best and most realistic training dummy available in different weights to provide you with training for protecting the lives of people of different ages and weights.

Key Features:

1. Realistic height (1,9 m) and weight (up to 85 kg)
2. Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements similar to human`s
3. Extremely rugged – The rescue dummies for training survive a drop from a platform`s helicopter deck and another rough usage
4. Test dummy adjustable to float horizontally or vertically in the water
5. Also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater SAR training
6. Drainable training manikin for lighter weight during i.e. transport or storage
7. The FSESAFE Rescue Dummy is in use on ships and training centers all over the world as well as Fire Departments, Police, Diver training, and many others.

The rescue manikin or dummy can be provided with a yellow (standard) or grey (for advanced SAR) PVC coverall.

Recommended Industries/Use:

● Offshore Industry
● Police Coast Guard
● Helicopter Rescue Squadrons
● Fire Brigades
● Pilot vessels
● Ferry Companies
● Merchant Shipping


● Robust design – PVC skin
● Stainless steel joint
● Max weight: up to 90 kg
● Stowage weight: 40 kg
● Shipping weight: 22 kg
● Height: 190 cm

All about Rescue Manikin:

Various wide range of fire training dummy and safety dummy equipment available in the market. Training manikins are the rescue manikin widely used for rescue training.

What is a Rescue Manikin?

Rescue Manikin is a specially designed training kit for first responders; this covers fire services, paramedics, coastguards, and related services.

Using this rescue equipment first responders can easily learn how to safely handle and evacuate individuals. This implies rescue manikins are an essential tool for rescue training.

Training with Rescue Manikins:

Multiple rescue manikins are available when it comes to practice. Rescue training is essential and sincere in approach, quite difficult for the first responder to handle in such a situation. Furthermore, as it is difficult and many people forget the process while handling this situation, thus making Rescue Training a must. So, to prevent such problems practicing with rescue manikins can prevent such emergencies.

The durability of Rescue Manikins:

Rescue manikins durability is not limited to materials but also it is related to withstand severe pressure. Few manikins have more resistance to specific conditions than others. Still, in doubt about the durability of the manikin, make sure to pick those that match your training.

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