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FSE Safe Jason’s Cradle Lifting

Jason’s Cradle Lifting – Essential and helpful equipment for the marine industry. FSE Safe Jason’s Cradle® is the most powerful equipment for all commercial and military vessels. Jason’s vessel is used all over the world and go-to product for man overboard retrieval. This man-overboard recovery equipment is used around the globe by offshore, military, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts, and RIB operators.

Jason’s Cradle man overboard is the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1, it is now necessary on all commercial vessels to have in place action plans and methods for the man overboard retrieval from the water.

FSE Safe – FSE Safe are suppliers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and more for Jason’s Cradle – Infinity Series

Jason’s Cradle® is effective equipment that can help you to meet these regulations efficiently with a verified solution to man overboard retrieval. It enables a horizontal lift and so vastly decreases the probability of “dry drowning” – more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The Jason’s Cradle guarantees fast deployment and effective retrieval of the casualty at the time of emergency. It is often in critical situations where every second count. Jason’s Cradle® supports the man overboard recovery of casualties who are helpless to serve themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.

FSE Safe Standard Cradles

The Standard Jason’s Cradle® is SOLAS Approved and guaranteed for 3 years. Confirmed to support in the secure and quick recovery of man overboard procedure for victims in the favored horizontal position. This rescue cradle is in service globally and is acknowledged as a vital piece of marine safety equipment.

The Standard Rescue Cradle is easily fixed to the Jasons deck or rail to enable deployment within few seconds. Moreover, the standard rescue cradle is a fast rescue craft that can be quickly folded up for storage. Deployment of the rescue Cradle forms a non-collapsible scoop. The casualty is guided into the cradle head first. A Strop and /or Hauling lies are pulled to close the loop. A coordinated and systematic lift properly holds place and the casualty is retrieved by rolling onto the deck in the medically favored position.

FSE Safe FRC Kit

The Jason’s cradle frc kit are considered as the essential piece of safety equipment. Jason’s Cradle® FRC Kits are important in terms of protection and are proven to assist in the safe and speedy recovery of man overboard victims in the preferred horizontal position. For most of the Navies, the marine safety equipment is currently in service globally. For the man overboard system, the fast rescue craft safety kits are SOLAS Approved and guaranteed for 3 years. Jason’s Cradle® with a stowage bag and a fixing kit in FRC kit allows the Cradle to be extended on both the port and the starboard side as required. Deployment of the Cradle forms a non-collapsible scoop.

The FRC Kit approaches the casualty slowly, keeping them on the windward side and the casualty is guided into the Cradle headfirst. A strop is drawn to close the loop.

A well-regulated and systematic lift takes place and ‘rolling’ him over the tube into the rescue craft. It is rolled precisely in the medically preferred horizontal position that retrieves the casualty.

Even with very heavy bodies, the lift takes just a few seconds due to the Cradle’s 2 to 1 mechanical advantage.

FSE Safe Rescue Stretcher

Universally accepted rescuing stretcher method, The Jason’s Cradle® Rescue Stretcher. The stretcher is the safest and trusted for rescuing a casualty from the water. It is used to save the life of the victim as this stretcher helps to rescue the casualty in a horizontal recovery position. This assists in allowing the casualty’s blood to remain in the upper torso helping to reduce the possibly deadly consequences of Circum Rescue Collapse. Jason’s Cradle® Rescue Stretcher is so well designed and constructed that it gives it a two-person lift capability. Also, the Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher is used in the commercial marine sector, as well as with militaries around the globe. It is a highly regarded piece of marine safety equipment.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be easily deployed from high vessel freeboards.
  • Provides easy access with the Basket stretcher-like format.
  • Improvement of performance and comfort levels of crews.
  • The Casualty is in a completely straight manner decreasing circum-rescue failure.
  • 2-person recovery concedes for rescue swimmers to be recovered with the casualty.

FSE Safe Scramble Net

  • The Scramble net offshore is most suitable for high-sided vessels, rescue zones, and mass recovery/evacuation for survival at sea.
  • Our bespoke service offers the flexibility and versatility to meet all your necessities by tailoring the Jason’s Cradle scramble net system to suit any vessel.
  • The Scramble net is directly attached to the deck or rail to allow deployment within seconds and can be simply turned up for stowage.
  • A Strop and/or Hauling lines are stretched to form a non-collapsible scoop and the casualty is guided into the cradle.
  • A coordinated and methodical lift takes place and the casualty is retrieved by rolling onto the deck in the medically preferred horizontal position.
  • The easily accessible foot and handhold make climbing easy.
  • Large numbers of passengers and crew may simultaneously disembark in the event of an emergency.