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Man Overboard Rescue Equipment

Man overboard rescue equipment for efficient rescue of casualties. These marine rescue products are suitable for all types of vessels and smaller boats. It is best known for its innovation and high-quality design.


The Dacon Rescue Frame is specially designed in such a way that if required to deploy, it swings down the freeboard forming a cradle in the water. It can be operated so easily that the cradle easily and gently rolled the casualty onboard by lifting the grip bar or the retrieval lines. It is efficient and simple to operate with the optional hydraulic drum and davit, single-handed recovery can be performed easily. Can be operated for any freeboard height. Please contact us for your freeboard, desired width, and connection point details. Our sales representative will connect with you shortly.

Key Features


The Dacon Rescue Scoop – A powerful and effective rescue system with onboard larger rescue vessels for the direct recovery of casualties from water directly.

A Dacon Rescue Scoop is a large crane-operated rescue net. Semi-rigid, maneuverable rescue net swings from the ship’s side depending on dimensions and crane reach providing an efficient rescue range of around 3 – 6 m.

You will find the Dacon Rescue Scoop models is available in several types to fit vessels. Already fitted in standby and supply vessels in the offshore industry, as well as Pilot vessels, Coast Guard cutters, etc.

Key Features


The Dacon Scrambling Net – A unique and highly effective climbing net. Scramble Net is mostly used on Standby and Rescue vessels all over the world. Marine rescue net provides casualty a safe hand to climb. A rescue net is a rigid rope net that provides more stability and good grip. Well equipped robust design rigid rope net comes with a very low total lifecycle cost that makes man overboard recovery equipment ideal for its users.

Distance wheels provide distance to the ship side for an easy grip and foothold. Internal weight in the bottom rung provides stability in the water for easy entry. As an additional feature, the Dacon Scrambling Net can be provided with hauling lines for the active recovery of casualties that are unable to climb to safety.

The climbing net can be delivered with an optional fold-over installation frame to make installation of the man overboard recovery equipment even easier and provides a 0,25 m distance between the rigid rope net and the ship side.

Determining the size of Rigid Scrambling Nets

Normally – Horizontal lengths of Scrambling Nets are 1.5 to 2.5m wide. Any lengths available

Vertical Lengths of Scrambling Nets – Installation Height + 1.5m below the surface for easy entry

Key Features

Example :

● If the Rescue zone of the vessel is 5m
● Freeboard height is 1.75m

Supply of 2 x Scrambling Nets

● Horizontal lengths (widths) = 2.25m
● Vertical lengths = 3.25m (1.75 + 1.5)

Key Features:

● Dacon Scrambling Net enables distressed persons to climb to safety ● Rigid, non-slip climbing and grip surface ● Robust design ● Optional fold-over installation frame