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Unmanned Rescue Equipments

FSE SAFE provides intelligent equipment for Unmanned Rescue Missions. They are used both on land Fire Rescue Safety and for Marine Rescue. By using technology to save lives, this equipment offers smart solutions to highly hazardous situations.

Advantages of Using Smart Rescue Systems

When it comes to rescue missions, there are two major factors at play; time and safety of the rescue crew. Unmanned Rescue Safety Equipment improves these indispensable factors significantly. Therefore, using intelligent emergency rescue solutions is known to increase the rescue rates and diminish the situations where rescue members are endangered.


Smart Emergency Rescue Solutions are used in marine and fire rescue missions;

Water Rescue schemes prove a vital role during emergency response systems for Flood Fighting and Disaster Relief. Other water rescue applications involve; Beach Swimmer Security, Tourist & Recreationists Water Rescue, Maritime & Offshore Sectors, Marine Shipping Monitoring, Underwater Rescue, etc.

Fire Fighting Rescues are sought after during natural calamities and artificially ignited fire incidents in commercial and domestic sectors. These solutions are used for On-site Fire Fighting, Destructive Explosion Prevention, Supplies Delivery, and more.

These tools can be used according to the needs of the situation, can take clear pictures, and transmit data more effectively, thereby improving the efficiency of rescue operations.


Water rescue robot functions as rescue equipment used for private rescue sectors and government emergency aid responses. They are employed for missions on sea, reservoir, river, lake, and water bodies. Moreover, they are used for military with systematic functions customization to match high standard mission needs.

● Water Rescue Robot is time-efficient at speeds of 7 meters per second to save people within the golden rescue time.
● Rescuers can use both manual or remote operations within 1500 meters range. Hence, the risk of rescue personnel or potential accidents is diminished significantly.
● Featuring; One-key Return, Original Route Return, Signal Losing Return, Safety Grills, and customized alert systems.
● It comes with a secure anti-turnover design and a remarkable buoyancy for bad weather and even flood prevention.
● Monitoring with a reliable LCD screen that indicates Battery Life, Speed, Direction, Location, and other vital infographics.
● Optional Payloads for communication and carrying more people.


Lifebuoy Water Rescue Robot R2 is engineered for operating unmanned rescue missions for private, military, and government-run aid groups. They feature great maneuverability and are ideal for rescue in swimming pools, reservoirs, rivers, oceans, and yachts and ferries rescue management.

It can run on different modulates, including;remote-controlled operation, double-sided utility, auto modes, and throw-on from 20-meters altitude. Alternatively, it can be configured with the drone for the air-sea rescue system for a range up to 5 kilometers.

● Auto Return configuration t will get back to the original place, with accuracy ≤2m. It also has a One-Key return.
● It can be controlled planned through a remote controller, or by automatic routing.
● It can follow the flight trajectory for long-distance rescue.
● RC Power indicator.
● Payloads Options such as communication speaker, alarm and video transmission device, etc.


The Water rescue boat T1 is designed with an accurate GPS and intelligent emergency use for water rescue missions. It provides minimal storage and transportation and automatic inflation. They are used for scaled rescue missions, handling 4-6 people at a time, which is suitable for large-scale water rescue.

● The boats are made from a unique PVC material for great airtightness, resistance to tear and abrasion, and long service life.
● Auto Return mechanism in case of signal loss and low battery.
● High Place Throwing option: altitude 3m.
● Payloads Optional: Speaker, searchlight, alarm, and video transmission device are optional payloads.
● Dual Battery Redundant System in case the main battery is discharged or broken.
● It is designed with multiple fixed handles and ropes for better grip.
● Other features are; fully sealed structure, indication lights, and one-button automatic inflation in less than 3 mins.


Water rescue robot is intelligent lifebuoy equipment used for military, government, and private rescue missions. They are designed with a robust structure to withstand turbulent weather. The robot comes with mariner rescue certifications.

● It is relatively fast and can move to the rescue points at speeds of 7m/s.
● Rugged construction and can handle towing.
● The underwater robots can deliver supplies with a weight of up to 500kg.
● It can be configured into air-sea drone systems with a range of up to 8km.


Fire fighting missions are upgraded with smart solutions that save wildfire victims, reduce injuries of firefighters and stop the spread quickly.

Fire Fighting Robot L1 is engineered with a robot body. At the top, diverse equipment can be mounted- depending on the assessments of the rescue situation. The secondary accessory could be;water cannons, smoke exhaust fans, sensors, aid and supply basket, robotic arm, etc. the system can be handled with a remote controller or through a control cloud platform.
● Features are compatible with diverse loading equipment.
● Customized and integrated for elements such as; standard control interfaces, fast loading, and unloading, multiple uses, etc.
● It is an economic option in comparison to its functions.
● The modular structure is designed for easy maintenance.
● Robot construction presents a 16mm steel closed structure & waterproof design.
● It can handle and tow two 100m long & φ80 hoses filled with water with great traction.
● The system provides HD video transmission for facilitating remote monitoring
● Integrated with LoRa wireless communication technology for long-distance communication.
● Design is structured for smooth obstacle crossing even at large angles with adjustable speed.


Integrate smart rescue solutions to your fire fighting stations and marine rescue systems to save lives and achieve better results. Contact us to get a quotation, or acquire product details and certifications.

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