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PLB – Personal Locator Beacons

What is a personal locator beacon?

An emergency personal locator beacon, an electronic transmitting device, provides the signal to the potential rescuers during a life-threatening situation in the air, water, or remote areas. The device is named a personal locator beacon, or PLB. The device is so powerful and effective to save lives.

How Does a PLB Work?

Personal Locator Beacon PLB is a useful device for scenarios such as Man Overboard incidents, Helicopter ditching, Skiers caught in a landslide, and Hiker loss. PLB will auto-activate within 5 seconds and send the signal when activated on either a 406MHz frequency or Local Area System using 121.5MHz, VHF DSC, and/or AIS. The automatic water activation feature can help to grab assistance from a friend, colleague, rescue authorities, staff, and nearby monitoring assets. This technique depends on the devices and technology PLB used.

At the time of danger, the personal beacon locator sends signals to vessels and rescue teams on accurate and dedicated frequencies that work worldwide. Some require receiving devices to send information to, whereas others work with already established worldwide radio and electronic monitoring devices.

Here is the process in simple terms about the way PLB works:

1. When the distress situation arises, Personal Locator Beacon is activated, and a signal is sent from a PLB /EPIRB /ELT.
2. This danger signal is received by the COSPAS SARSAT satellites.
3. These COSPAS SARSAT satellites send the sign to the most expected stations on earth called Local User Terminals (LUTs).
4. A Local User Terminal (LUTs) sends the information to a Mission Control Centre (MCC).
5. When a signal is received and identified by Mission Control Centre (MCC) to be a critical call from a particular area, the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) in that area is warned.
6. Regional search authorities are notified of the location and the distress situation and then action is taken to rescue the person in danger.

Why you need a PLB?

It is essential at the time when you are working near the body of water and there may be a chance of you may fall into a body of water, or you are working at a remote location where there are no means of calling for help, so that time best marine personal locator beacons are the most important device.

In the offshore industry, everywhere in Europe and most of the places in the world, you won’t be able to miss offshore without a PLB integrated into your life jacket (PFD). ETSI and RTCM are the international safety standards directing Europe and U.S.A. When nobody else is around during trouble, or when telephone signals are not available, a marine personal locator beacon is a complete solution for getting help and rescue from regional search and rescue teams.

Marine Search PLB’s:


SOLAS LIFEJACKETS WITH PLB ensures maximum comfort and safety. FSE Safe range of SOLAS life jackets has been specially created to be integrated with the Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) range, giving a complete man overboard safety solution.


Check out our range of PLB and Life Jackets to guarantee your team is fully provided for the maritime problems with a leading marine emergency locator beacon.


FSE Safe range of immersion suits has been consciously chosen in order to guarantee compatibility with our range of lifejackets and PLB’s.


Self Inflating Dan Buoy integrated with MOB PLB (Personnel Locator Beacon) is simple and reliable. This ensures that any MOB victim gets the best chance of rescue and survival.


AMI MINI RECORDERSMarine’s new X-MDR with CCTV recording has been created for smaller vessels that do not require a full S-VDR/VDR system.


Sea-Tags is an affordable safety solution easy to use and requires no onboard installation. Sea-Tags wristbands are compatible with the Smartphone app. It usually transmits a sign that is controlled by one or more lines equipped with the application.


The Firefly PRO Solas emergency strobe light controls super-bright flash visible an all-new light output power management system that produces over 41 candelas of light per strobe for up to 56 hours of use (with AA lithium batteries). Using wide-light emission LEDs, it cuts within the toughest conditions, generating a super-bright flash visible for over 3 miles.
In Conclusion:

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a personal electronic transmitter designed to meet the new international safety standards. It is essential to alert rescuers that there has been a life-threatening man overboard (MOB) situation with a need to be rescued. FSE Safe is an authorized distributor dedicated to bring the best solution for your rescue. Connect with us today to get a quotation on bulk purchases, or request your particular requirement and we will have it made just for you!