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FSE Safe Modular Data Recorder – X-MDR


FSE Safe premium X-MDR is a Modular Data Recorder that is specially designed for smaller vessels. AMI Marine’s CCTV and Modular Data Recorder is installed on workboats, support vessels, and smaller vessels.

To monitor vessel traffic the great ‘Black-box’ recorder is configured to the static mode for port authorities.

The X-MDR is the perfect solution for reliable, high-performance data acquisition and recording. It is a cost-effective solution as it gives reliable CCTV recording, synchronized VHF Transmission, and exact analysis for individual vessel movements or on a vessel within a large fleet.

FSE Safe X-VHFR PLUS – Audio and Data Recorder

FSE Safe X-VHFR audio and data recorder PLUS is specially designed for peace of mind. The X-VHFR Plus is intended for vessels that are exempt from carrying a VDR or SVDR System.

AMI Mini Recorders controls in a secure retrievable format, a record of information and location data is then used for training, education, or marine incident investigation. It has proved perfect for testing ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications, this information report is received with the associated date, time, and location of the vessel. X-VHFR Plus is also be used in ports and harbors where there is a need for the recording of voice communication.

AMI’s Marine X-VHFR Plus solution is a cost-effective solution that is beneficial for recording VHF, vessel position, bridge audio, AIS, and also up to 1 Radar/Chart Plotter image capture.

FSE Safe X-VHFR System with float free capsule

MI’s latest compact “black box” recorder. VHF AND bridge audio and data recorder consist of 1TB removable drive for up to 150 days of capacity locally and 64 GB float free capsule for 10 days of safe storage.

The X-VHFR recorder is specially designed for small vessels and the workboat industry. The system is ideal for vessels that are under 3000 GT (Gross Tonnage), these vessels are not precisely needed to carry a full Voyage Data Recorder.

It is seen that X-VHFR is also popular as a land-based recorder, including harbor and port control offices.

Supports the storage of the audio communication, time, date, and location data that allows playback of the series of events on a particular vessel, often proving important in the event of an investigation following a maritime incident.

• Night Mode Feature • 7″ Touch screen user interface • Consist of 1TB removable drive for 150 days to store the data • AMI Marine contains a 64 GB Float Free Capsule for 10 days to store data safely. • 2x Audio Inputs for VHF and/or Microphones • 1x NMEA 0183 input for GPS • 1x NMEA-HS input for AIS Data • Records GPS info, time, and geographic location, along with AIS data. • USB storage module means no moving parts • Secure and easy to access the data using PC with standard software or Mac with compatible software • Playback Suite for PC • AMI Microphones can be connected to the X-VHFR. • We can configure to record image data (Chart Plotter, ECDIS, etc) • All playback software is provided with each unit supplied

Clear communications are essential in marine operations. The AMI Marine’s X-VHFR is the most popular non-mandatory data recorder and has been supplied to different types of vessels such as tug boats, offshore support, ferries, construction, crew transfer, emergency, and fishing fleet vessels.

The X-VHFR will create an accurate account of events to support onward crew and vessel safety procedures, whether for HR development projects or procedural modifications post-event.


• Item packed for shipping : 36 * 36 * 38cm (4.7kg)
• Item unpacked : 310mm * 190mm * 190mm (2.8kg)

FSE Safe X-VHFR Basic System

AMI’s VHF and bridge audio, and data recorder consist of 1TB removable drive up to 300 days of storage.


• Item packed for shipping : 36 * 36 * 38cm (4.7kg)
• Item unpacked : 310mm * 190mm * 190mm (2.8kg)

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