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FSE Safety Signs and Labelling

Safety Signs and Labelling helps to prevent accidental injury to workers at the workplace. Accident Prevention signs and safety are essential to show particular hazards that occur without any identification. This leads to accidental harm to workers, public, or property damage. The signs and lab safety labels are easy and deliver enough information to deliver the message.

To take necessary action with quick Safety Signage and Pipe Marking – Labelling is used. Pipe marking is essential as it helps to deliver the contents of pipes and provide proper details for the risks that exist, such as excessive heats or pressure. The pipe marking standard depends on the type and location of your tool.


Stell Safety signage offers workplace safety signs and symbols labeling solutions. This solution helps to build a safer workplace and environment for workers, customers, and organizations. Signage is a combination of Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, and Fire Prevention. Supported by Stell’s extensive expertise, huge market, and practical expertise in the Energy, Chemical, Maritime, and Industrial Sectors. Stell means a clear message, safety practice, and proper guidance.

1. Reliable
2. Detailed Project Planning
3. High-Quality production
4. Profession Installation
5. Significant Documentation

Following are the list of products for stell safety that comes under Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, Fire protection:

Our Pipe Marking and Pipe Labelling range :

Pipe markers – Colour tape – Arrow tape – Text tape – GHS tape
Specifics of our Pipe Markers and Tapes:

1. Flame-resistant
2. Self-extinguishing
3. Extreme adhesive power
4. Mostly resistant against acid and alkaline substances
5. UV resistant
6. Can be applied at temperatures of 5°C to 45°C
7. Resistant to temperatures of -20°C to -110°C
8. Mostly solvent resistant
9. Weather-proof

Distributors for Stell Signs Germany

Stell Signs offers safety Signages for all over the vessel as per normative fundamentals and prevailing regulations. We have in-house expert engineers providing detailed reports for Signages and Labelling.

1. 100% German manufactured product
2. Able to recommend signs and labels required based on floor plan drawings.
3. Ability to comply with the country’s regulation
4. Ability to translate to local languages


The best practice and significant element of working within 5S principles are building a visual workplace. This helps to pass the information to workers and visitors in a simple way, you can drop confusion and increase productivity. From putting files in color-coded bands to showing signs on uniquely painted boards. It will help visitors to find their way within 60 seconds.


Individuals can react quickly to fire. These signs are mostly designed with standard text, symbols, and colors which are mostly red and white. This helps to identify quickly as fire safety signs.


Prohibition signs are used to stop or limit various activities in certain situations. Mostly used to recognize things that are not allowed as they do not adhere to the laws and regulations of a particular area, or that those actions could produce a risk to the health and safety of people.

Sends a clear message to everyone that some actions are not safe or are completely not allowed. Prohibition signs are a critical part of maintaining safe practice and regulation in the workplace.


Emergency signs are especially for medical emergencies and are important to any strong visual information program. In case of medical emergencies workers have to react quickly and safely to take necessary care. Emergency signs and emergency exit signs make it simple to respond with urgency and effectiveness.

The variety of Emergency signs depends on colors, shapes, designs, and messaging. Signs are available with words, headings, and symbols, that ensure top display.


A Fire Safety emergency exit is essential in a building as it shows the escape routes at the time of the fire. Which in turn helps people to quickly evacuate the building, guiding them to the way to safety.

Signs are important for rapid escape, especially in construction where many of the residents might be unfamiliar with the building layout.


The warning is the ultimate step between danger and caution. Warning signs describe a risk level within a hazardous situation. If it is not avoided it may lead to serious loss or injury. Introduced by the safety alert symbol, it is always written as “WARNING” lab warning signs in black on an orange background.

Extra signs labels and safety symbols are written in black on the lower part of the sign. The size of warning signs and labels can be any, but it is suitable for the sign to be seen and easily viewed from a safe distance. So, that this makes us aware and communicates the warning message before in a dangerous area or acts dangerously.


Signs that are used to display actions to be implemented at the workplace or public areas to provide relevant health and safety regulations. These signs are must-do signs as the name itself suggests mandatory action signs or Blue safety signs.

Signs are easy to read and recognized with a white pictogram surrounded by a blue background. It notifies workers and visitors that steps need to be taken to remain safe, and use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hazardous situations.