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Virtual Line walkways, crosswalks are most essential in dynamic environments. Due to high-performance working situations, heavy machinery and tools operate continuously. So, it’s essential for pedestrian safety that visible walkways, paths, or alleys be constructed to allow a safe environment for workers within the facility.

Several options for how to create virtual lines are available to design the portable walkways in the designated areas such as VirtuaLine Lasers and Virtual Line Projectors. To support both safety and productivity, the industrial space like a warehouse or manufacturing plant must be well equipped with mark walkways and storage areas. 

Virtual lines don’t fade or wear off over time as it provides the most reliable climate for workers who face forklifts, hard hat zones, and other potential hazards.

VirtuaLine Walkways and Line Lasers provide a permanent floor line that is marked uniquely. The laser floor marking method is lightweight, flexible yet IP65+ rated durable units, is easy to set up, and requires little maintenance.


Laserglow Visual Management Safety Solutions and Industrial Application:

• SafetyCast Virtual Sign:

One of the best ways to showcase bright floor and wall safety signs in locations to provide a safe environment and protect from potential hazards. The incident occurs where there is high traffic or uneven floors. Hence, the SafetyCast Virtual Sign produces a clear sign at distances of up to 70 m (230′) as it uses an imaging lens and a high-output LED bulb.

• Smart Proximity Detection:

SPDS stands for smart proximity detection. It measures the distance between vehicles and pedestrians to produce a highly reliable collision warning solution. Works on cutting-edge Ultra Wide Band (UWB) RF wireless technology. Vehicle-mounted devices monitor dangers and automatically activate UWB tags to warn pedestrians to produce the alarms.

• Forklift Safety Solution:

Poor visibility is the main cause of forklift injuries at the workplace. A forklift is one of the most hazardous sections of devices in the workplace. Forklift Safety Solution can help decrease pedestrian-related accidents in the workplace as it projects the high visible signal line around moving material handling equipment. This makes it much powerful where audible alarms can be drowned out in high-noise areas, or wherever alarms may confuse the pedestrian.

• Crane Hazard Solutions:

Crane Hazard Solutions immediately recognize obstacles to provide a safe workplace.

• Truck Docking Solutions:

Truck drivers face issues to assist trucking lanes for dawn, dusk, and nighttime operations. Laserglow Dockline System provides laser-precision docking by offering a variety of line lasers to define exterior and interior.

• Alignment Lasers:

Laserglow alignment lasers come for all types of budgets and requirements. Mostly used for textile, lumber, metal sheet positioning, or paving.

• Road Marking & Snowplowing:

Laser Road Marking & Snowplowing System comes with ultra-high permeability green laser to build up visual line control.

• Horizon Laser Levels:

Horizon Series of Laser Levels provides a specific line with high visibility. It is easy-to-operate and is excellent for setting out tasks and may also include a plumb dot.

Final Advice:

VirtuaLine Walkway is a best solution for pedestrian safety. It is helpful for reducing the accidents at workplace by increasing the facility awareness with walkways, lanes and aisles. what you are looking for?Contact our expert group at FSE Safe today to place an order, get more information to match your business’s particular demands.

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