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Laserglow Virtual Projectors: SafetyCast Virtual Sign Projectors Solutions

One of the most accident-prone zones in the industrial sectors are the warehouses. While the directions are often defined with use of tapes, paint and adhesive indicators, safety of the pedestrian and operators is often impaired due to fading colors, loss of safety labels caused by abrasion or chemical exposure as well as a lack of lighting. To prevent lifting machinery accidents and increase both safety and productivity, we offer you SafetyCast Virtual SignProjectors.


In essence, any work site, commercial and public space, as well as industrial fields that require safety signs and indications, can benefit from the use of virtual projectors. By integrating these innovative safety signages, there remains no concern of missing the sign, having it removed by mechanical contact or displaying prominence.

Moreover, these signs are extremely eco-friendly and do not impose any environmental footprint. This is especially advantageous to the companies that are trying to increase their eco-friendlyfeatures or the venues that require temporary outdoor signaling with zero impact on nature or the urbanscape.

Here are some industries that can highly benefit from our industrial projectors;

The SafetyCast Virtual Sign Projectors are designed for the sole purpose of increasing safety by illuminating floors and walls. They offer safety signs in locations that are accompanied by heavy traffic, confined spaces, and dimly lit environments.
The SafetyCast Virtual Projector is engineered with a simple yet intelligent design. They feature an image lens and an output LED bulb to project with prominence and clarity. These signs are visible up to a distance of 70 m (230’). These floor projectors are functional in all environmental lighting conditions, including day light to dim environments. Moreover, the design provides easily configured adjustments to meet all the lighting requirements. They are extremely easy to mount, with essentially no need for maintenance.

Key Specification

Why Do You Need a Laser Logo Projection System?

There are many benefits in turning virtual when it comes to worksite safety signs and indications. An increased reliability, better visibility, enhanced workflow and productivity and more. But the most important benefit of the laser warning lights is providing a safe environment that outperforms traditional signages. This unique laser display projector safety is considered beneficial to the performance crew, safety of bystanders, and protection for the machinery and other objects. Sometimes, ignoring a warning sign can cause devastating outcomes. With the laser sign projector, you can prevent such circumstances.


● An economic solution
With laserglow virtual signs, there is no requirement for maintenance and repurchasing safety labels. Anyone who has been running an industrial site known as that safety signage must be replaced constantly. Instead of doing so, address these important safety measures once in for all. The virtually projected signage offers replaceable image projectors that can be replaced with the exact sign indications that you required. Additionally, the lighting intensity can be adjusted to comply with the lighting conditions in that specific atmosphere.

● Convenience
Apart from the ability to adjust light and imagery, convenience is another characteristic of these virtual sign systems. Offering indications on the areas that are hard to reach, like electrically charged surfaces or high ceilings, has been made easy with the laser-view technologies. Speaking of convenience, these light projection signs do not call for any maintenance.

● Compatibility with a variety of Surface Material
Whether it is a textile board, metal surface, concrete slabs and even grass, ECO Lines Virtual Line LED Projectors project can provide effective signalling. These signages are prominent and highly visible, with ease of setting up despite the surface material.

● Efficiency and Workflow
Using a special lens system, the virtual sign projectors channel the light into clear outlines. This way, they increase efficiency in visibility and reliability of the crews’ decision making- which ultimately results in an increased workflow.

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To find out more information about the laserglow products that match your specific requirements, contact us today. By consulting our field experts, we can offer you micro details on each product and throw in a few suggestions on what works best for you or even build a custom laser light projector. Shop Virtual Sight Projectors now and join the new world of safety signs.