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Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans for Offshore and Marine Industries – FSE SAFE

Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans for Offshore and Marine Industries – FSE SAFE

FSESAFE Singapore (HQ) – India – Indonesia – worldwide 

Dealing in Explosion Proof Lighting – Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans – Emergency – Rescue – Fire – Safety including Confined Space and Hazardous Area Safety, Fire Rescue Safety, Marine Rescue Safety – Man Overboard Rescue – Safety Signs and Pipe Labeling – Fall Protection – Fall Arrest – Working at Height Safety

Explosion Proof Fans – ATEX and IECEx Certified Fans are used in Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine Vessel applications. Offshore Oil & Gas industry platforms such as FPSO – Offshore Drilling Rigs – Offshore Platforms require Heavy Duty ATEX Explosion Proof Bug Blower Fans. Situated in hazardous zone and explosive zone of the drill rig, they Ex Bug Blowers need to be certified for use in explosion atmosphere. 

The Ex Proof Bug Blowers or Man Coolers can come in Single Phase or 3 Phases. Motors with ATEX and IECEx certification allowing for use in hazardous location. Clean air application Heavy Duty Bug Blowers are Explosion Proof ready for use in hazardous areas including offshore drill rigs.

Portable Ventilation Fans for Confined Space

are used to supply clean air and oxygen supply into confined spaces as well as exhaust or extraction of hazardous air and gas from confined space. These confined spaces ventilation fans are explosion proof certified with ATEX and IECEx certification for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of hazardous explosive atmosphere and areas. 

ATEX and IECEx certified Portable Confined Space Ventilation Blower Exhauster Fans come in 2 sizes : 12” and 16”. Electrical Power supply 110/230 at 50Hz or 60Hz. They are high performance as well as high safety standard ventilation fans. 

  • 12” ATEX IECEx Portable Ventilation Blower Exhauster Fans 
  • 3850 m³/hr @ 50Hz Free Air and 4700 m³/hr @ 60Hz Free Air
  • 16” ATEX IECEx Portable Ventilation Blower Exhauster Fans
  • 7750 m³/hr @ 50Hz Free Air and 9400 m³/hr @ 60Hz Free Air

The highest safety standard available. The Portable Blower Fans are ATEX certified. Unlike some other portable blowers these are ATEX certified for the complete unit and not just certification for motor alone or putting together of certified parts. Each component where applicable are ATEX certified and the complete unit of the Portable Ventilation Blower Exhauster are ATEX certified. 

Also comes with IECEx certification – IECEx certification are found on motors of other ventilation fans. However FSESAFE Portable Ex Blower fans are IECEx certified Electrically as well as Mechanically. 

IECEx 3rd party verified certification for electrical as well as mechanical criterias allowing FSESAFE Portable Ex Blower Fans to be most Safest and High Standard fans.

Made in UK – Assuring highest safety standards. The fans are ATEX and IECEx dual certified to

Electrical & Non-Electrical Standards (Mechanical) for Zone 1 & Zone 2 ventilation applications.

Explosion Proof Air Ventilation Fans 12″ and 16″ Electrical Blower Exhauster

are single input and multiple output Fans. Cost effective single inlet direct driven centrifugal fan with high performance supplying fresh air and safe working environment and for gas freeing of Oil and Chemical tanks. Fans are fully portable so can be used on many vessels.

The necessary provision for introduction of fresh air provides safe working environment and gas freeing of tanks, during event of man-entry for tank cleaning including cleaning of storage holds and tanks. These units can be independently ATEX and/or IECEx Certified.

Each fan provides separate connections to the main tank with the use of flexible ducting. Each diffuser is adjustable to suit local conditions by the use of the built-in manual shut-off dampers.

Applications : Confined Spaces and Tanks on Tanker vessels and FPSOs. 

Explosion Proof Air Ventilation Fans Portable Tank Vent Fans

IIC Fans – Explosion Proof Extractor Fans for Battery Room are essential Ex Proof Exhaust Fans certified for use to extract Hydrogen which is emitted by batteries in battery rooms of marine vessels, used for battery backup or uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Battery rooms are found in Marine Vessels, Telecommunications, Power Plants, Substations even is diesel-electric and nuclear submarines.

During Battery charging, hydrogen gets released. Under normal conditions, the amount of hydrogen emitted is very small, however in case of battery rooms there is high level of batteries charging. The room can become highly explosive as the hydrogen mixes with the oxygen. Ventilation of a battery room is critical to maintain the concentration below the lower explosive limit.

As per Hazardous Area Clasifications, Hydrogen is IIC Gas.

IIC certified Fans are required to ventilation of Battery Rooms.

FSESAFE provide solutions with products certified to either ATEX IECEx or both. Our certification is for both mechanical & electrical, not to be confused with a non-certified fan fitted with an IECEx or ATEX motor.

Our principle designed a range of fans which are ideal for such applications, as their certification covers for hydrogen being present in the gas mix.

These fans have been 3rd party certified by EV N.B. SIRA

Third-Party Certification ATEX Fans – is a key feature to differentiate us from our competitors. If only the fan manufacturer is confirming compliance, there is element of risk on the enduser. 3rd Party certification provides the reliability and dependability for the enduser, and they do not have to take the risk of only getting compliance from manufacturer. Certain times commercial pressures may lead to overlooking safety.

Independently certified IIC hydrogen fan manufacturer.

The fans are available as centrifugal cased units, plug fans or axial.

FSESAFE Range of Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans for Hazardous Areas and Explosive Atmosphere