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ExStream Fans – World’s First Range of Independently Dual Certified IECEx/ATEX – FSE SAFE

ExStream Fans – World’s First Range of Independently Dual Certified IECEx/ATEX – FSE SAFE

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Dealing in Explosion Proof Lighting – Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans – Emergency – Rescue – Fire – Safety including Confined Space and Hazardous Area Safety, Fire Rescue Safety, Marine Rescue Safety – Man Overboard Rescue – Safety Signs and Pipe Labeling – Fall Protection – Fall Arrest – Working at Height Safety

ExStream Fans – World’s First Range of Independently Dual Certified IECEx/ATEX

At face value confined space seems to be a rare occurrence at workplace. One may think it’s only for the selected industries like Mining and perhaps underground railway construction. However, confined space affects several industries and work areas, including Rail and Mining. Securing sewer or piercing together pipelines for water, oil, gas or even laying electrical lines, telephone lines, internet coverage all this requires operations at confined spaces. Examples of confined spaces include silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, water supply towers, sewers, pipes, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, boilers, manholes, pump stations, digesters, manure pits and storage bins. Confined spaces need not be very small as the name suggests. It could mean long tunnels, deep wells, shiphods, subcellars, cold storage, tanks, culverts, vaults, open ditch.

OSHA states, “The forced air ventilation shall be so directed as to ventilate the immediate areas where an employee is or will be present within the space and shall continue until all employees have left the space“. Nov 16, 2018. For permit required confined spaces, at least an hourly ventilation period is recommended prior to working in confined space.

One of the key elements to safe work at confined space is gas purging and ventilation. ExStream Fans are suitable for Portable Ventilation Fans. FSE Safe is proud to represent the World’s First Range of Independently Dual Certified IECeX/ATEX, Portable Ventilation Fans Certified to both Electrical and Non Electrical Standards. Most fans are ATEX Certified. However our range of ExStream fans are both IECeX/ATEX certified for Electrical and Non Electrical Standards. To clarify, the fan is entirely certified to IECeX and not just component parts.

Unlike ATEX certified mechanical equipment, which does not necessarily have to meet any recognised standards, the IECEx scheme ensures “Full compliance to IEC International Standards is mandatory and an IECEx Certificate confirms compliance with a specified IEC Standard(s)” (ref IECEx publication IECEx 01A Edition 2.0 2014-04). IECEx scheme does not allow self-certification regardless of intended zone of usage of equipment. An IECEx “Certificate of Conformity” is issued by an IECEx approved Certification body and is made publicly available (at the IECEx Website).

If you purchase self-certified ATEX equipment you are under a duty of care to ensure the equipment is safe? Is your organisation in a position to do this? The IECEx scheme helps to remove any doubt. Independently certified equipment manufactured using current best practice in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

  • Zone 1, Exde IIB T4 Gb,IP54 Certified to ATEX/IECEx
  • Atex certification II 2G Ex mb IIc T6 Gb
  • IECEx certified Ex Mb IIC Tb
  • Exde IIC T5/T6
  • ATEX Zone 1 Category 2G IIB T4 Certificate Number Sira 09ATEX 6230X
  • IECEx Ex h Gb IIB T4 Certificate Number IECEx SIR17.0076X
  • SO 80079-36:2016 Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
  • ISO 80079-37:2016 Non-electrical type of protection constructional safety
  • BS EN 14986: 2017

The ExStream fans are available in 3 sizes: ExStream 200, ExStream 300, ExStream 400 however if required we can tailor make the size to you needs. Air flow for the fans is up to 30,000m3h. These are easy to use plug and play fans, with integrated start/stop switches. The fans are portable thus allowing for ease of transport and cost savings. Power Lead is 5m with plug and alternative plugs are available upon request. 3 phase option available on request. Axial and Centrifugal design and the fans are suitable for offshore applications.

ExStream 300 and ExStream 400 fans – The high performing compact and durable industrial design provides an efficient solution to confined space ventilation for hazardous areas. The performance of ExStream 300 is

  • 3850 m³/hr @ 50Hz Free Air
  • 4700 m³/hr @ 60Hz Free Air
  • 3250 m³/hr @ 50Hz with 10 meters of ducting
  • 3950 m³/hr @ 60Hz with 10 meters of ducting

While the performance of ExStream 400 is:

  • 7750 m³/hr @ 50Hz Free Air
  • 9400 m³/hr @ 60Hz Free Air
  • 6800 m³/hr @ 50Hz with 10 meters of ducting
  • 8250 m³/hr @ 60Hz with 10 meters of ducting

The fans are 100% manufactured in UK and are adopted by several players in the industry. As distributors to major brands in Confined Space and Hazardous Areas Fans, Blowers and Ventilators, FSE Safe is a reliable and trusted partner. With 12 years of experience in Specialised Safety and office and warehouse facilities in Singapore, Indonesia, USA and India, FSE Safe has the expertise and reach for your requirements.

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