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FSESAFE – ATEX Explosion Proof Fans – Blowers – Exhausters – Ventilators Confined Space & Hazardous Areas Safety Solutions – FSE SAFE

FSESAFE – ATEX Explosion Proof Fans – Blowers – Exhausters – Ventilators Confined Space & Hazardous Areas Safety Solutions – FSE SAFE

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ATEX Explosion Proof Fans – Blowers – Exhausters – Ventilators

Confined Space & Hazardous Areas Safety Solutions

Workplaces are generally safe and carry minimum risk to workers. However, there are some sectors and/or some work areas that project more dangers than others. Mitigating dangers and keeping workers safe and healthy continues to be our priority. 

Confined Space and Hazardous Areas are present dangers to workers safety and health. Sometimes the complete operations are in confined spaces such as underground railway construction or mining. While for some businesses it is a part of big operations of a plant or storage facility or project or platform or mines or factory, rig or a refinery or just a simple logistics warehouse.

Confined space and Hazardous areas are also spread across many industries such as Chemical, Food, Refinery, Power, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Automotive, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Manufacturing, Heavy Engineering, Mining, Rail, Solar, Wind, Water, Petrochemical and many more. 

There are several danger points for confined spaces, and today I am going to touch on Fire and Explosions. This is by far the most common and extremely dangerous threats to workforce in confined spaces. Explosion Proof Fans – Blowers – Exhausters – Ventilators are a must. In fact Ventilation Fan Blowers with ATEX certification in explosion proof hazardous zone is mandatory required by law to have in confined spaces. There are different certifications that are required by law to have before Explosion Proof Fans, Blowers, Exhausters and Ventilators are approved to be placed in confined spaces and hazardous areas.

The major operators in the various sectors of Oil and Gas, Power, Energy, Mining, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Marine, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, L&G, Gas, Water, Chemical etc. – these major players in these industries have set the standards for safety measures in confined spaces. Fire contingencies are not only regulated by the law but the major operators have added more stringent requirements. Confined space ventilation fans, Explosion Proof Fans, Explosion Proof Ventilator Blowers for Hazardous area, ATEX Ex Proof Centrifugal Fans, ATEX Rated Portable Ventilator Explosion Proof Fan Extractor Fan Blower are some of the products that are used to help combat this situation.

The hazards in such areas include: Safe Entry and Exit, Toxic Atmosphere, Oxygen deficiency, Oxygen enrichment, Flammable or Explosive Atmospheres, Visibility, Flowing Liquids or Free Flowing Solids, Excessive Heat. The kind of injuries relevant to confined space accidents include:

1.       Heat Related disorders;

2.       Injuries arising from fire and explosion;

3.       Loss of consciousness or asphyxiation arising from harmful gases, vapours or fumes, free flowing solids or lack of oxygen;

4.       Fire and Explosions injuries; 

5.       Slips and Trips – Fall injuries;

Measures need to be in place to ensure workers trapped in confined spaces are able to protect themselves from possible risks and dangers.

Depending on the requirements of the space, the constraints, the workforce working there, the equipment used, the materials in the confined space – all these dictate the type of ventilation required. Manufacturers then design and supply a wide range of blowers, fans, ventilators such as Centrifugal, Axial, Atex, Portable and some require Bespoke ventilators. The size can range from diameter 150mm to 5.3 meters. And they need to be certified by relevant bodies including ATEX certified or IECEx certified mechanical and / or electrical.

The requirements can vary from industry to industry. For instance Fans and Blowers operating in the oil and gas industry must have welded flanges and components to ensure resistance and reliability in the harshest environment and most severe conditions. Specific coating processes are applied, depending on the environment your fan will be faced in: whether in extreme temperatures or corrosive atmospheres, both of which are common in the oil and gas industry.

Marine industrial fans are required to meet stricter requirements in order to withstand the salt environment; industrial fans must be constructed from stainless steel, finished off with specialist marine paints. For both vessels and rigs in the petrochemical sector, ATEX safety is a must.

Chemical industries handle flammable and hazardous substances regularly and hence they require a more stringent requirement Ventilators. Chemical storage is a big area of concern and has strict guidelines to adhere to.

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