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FSESAFE - Distributors for Laserglow Visual Management Solutions

To increase the safety of pedestrians from trip and fall accidents and accidental entering to hazardous zones, as well as providing visibility to industrial traffic to prevent accidents, the laser glow features an outstanding solution.


The line lasers are one of the most innovative technologies for serving both disciplinary and safety aspects in walkways. They are utilized both in public sectors and industrial settings and anywhere with dynamic sites that require an environmentally friendly solution.

With these lasers for industrial application, managers can provide higher visibility to; hard hat zones, walkways, warehouse pedestrian walkway, heavy machinery lines and pedestrian passages with visual indications which are proved much more efficient than colored lines due to higher visibility even during the night hours.


There are numerous options when it comes to integration of virtual lines in an industry or public place with incorporation of Virtual Line Lasers and Virtual Line Projectors. These are best adapted according to environmental demands and the exact usage, for an increased efficiency and safety.

The best feature of safety lines on the floor is that there are no chances of fading away or getting covered in case of spillages. Besides providing permanent floor projection lights the laser floors are extremely convenient, lightweight and long-lasting units. Other features of our laser light equipment include;


● Used as Safety Virtual Sign:

Safety signs are important. If overlooked, they can cause accidents and hazardous outcomes. Laser signs provide highly visible and bright safety signs to prevent such circumstances. They can be specially used in environments with low visibility, uneven surfaces, and even at a far distance. The visibility highlights the sign at a distance up to 70 m (230’) using objective lenses and LED bulbs.

● Provides Intelligent Proximity Detection:

The inability to detect proximity often results in mechanical accidents with objects, other vehicles, and even people. The proximity zone is defined by the distance between vehicles and other living or non-living objects SPDS or smart proximity detection sensors. These devices are installed on vehicles to monitor and produce alarms by activating UWB tags.

● Used as a Heavy Machinery Safety Solutions:


Forklifts are heavy machinery and smallest accidents can result in grave consequences. Most of these accidents are due to lack of visibility. The laser solution for forklifts are designed to decrease both pedestrian and hazardous zone object related accidents by creating a signal line. While industrial sites are accompanied by heavy noise pollution, the visual alarms are much better functioning than the traditional sound alarms.


Crane Hazard Solutions are arranged to create a visual alarm, particularly when an obstacle is detected. This provides awareness and safety for both operators and bystanders around a crane.


Most recorded truck accidents occur when there is a lack of natural light: such as dawn or nighttime operations. Laser glow Dockline System is designed to address this issue by providing high visibility laser lines in order to provide a view on the exterior and interior of the track line with exceptional accuracy.

● Utilized as Versatile Alignment Lasers:
Industrial alignment lasers are economical solutions for a variety of uses. They can be incorporated on any surfaces where laser precise lining is required, such as textiles, metals sheets, floor pavement, etc.

● Providing Precise Horizon Laser Levels:
Horizon Laser Level Solutions aims to provide an easy solution and excellent precision when a specific line is required. They may be used as a plumb dot or setting other similar tasks.

Horizon Series of Laser Levels provides a specific line with high visibility. It is easy-to-operate and is excellent for setting out tasks and may also include a plumb dot line laser.

Final Words:

Virtual Line Walkway is among the safest solutions for pedestrian and industrial machinery safety. Make your worksite a safe place by innovative laser solutions. Contact our expert group at FSE Safe today to place an order, get more information.