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FSE SAFE Portable Fumes and Smoke Exhauster-Blower

This Fume Exhauster-Blower is designed for continuous operation. With the hose on the inlet, fumes and smoke are drawn away from the operator at welding, soldering, brazing and etching operations. Switch the same hose to the discharge to supply fresh air for workers inside tanks, manholes and other confined areas. One Fume Exhauster-Blower does the job of two fans.

Exhuasting contaminated air

If you will be using this blower to exhaust contaminated air from an operation such as welding, the fumes collected should be piped to the outside. Locate the unit as close as possible to both the operation and the outside of the building. The airflow will be reduced about 5-15 CFM for every additional foot of hose or duct installed, not including the 10 foot section of hose supplied with unit. Each 90° change in air flow direction (as with an elbow) will reduce the airflow approximately 15-20 CFM.

Supplying fresh air

Supplying fresh air to workers can be a simple operation or a very complex problem. If the worker is in a room, the required fresh air supply is generally an easy calculation. If the worker will be in an underground tank or manhole, the fresh air requirements can be a very complex problem. If there are caustic, flammable, or explosive chemicals, materials and/or air saturations present, that makes the problem that more difficult.