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Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting

With our extensive experience in supplying rescue and safety equipment, we have gathered the leading lighting and rescue kits for heliports. FSE Safe aims to provide reliable equipment and helpful resource for on-shore and off-shore helicopter and helideck operators.

All our equipment feature ISO 9001:2008 certification and are compatible with helideck and heliport regulations.


When working with volatile gas, dust, or liquid such as in oil and gas heliports, the use of Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting is a must. FEC offers a full line of LED and NVG Compatible heliports lights that are specifically designed for the purpose.

Besides explosion-proof construction, the lights boast premium quality materials and safety certifications. They’re easy to install with sturdy construction to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Upon purchasing, you will receive an installation manual. Although we highly recommend using professional services for optimum results.


Having reliable helipad perimeter lighting can be a matter of life and death. Aircrew requires these lights for successful landing and ensuring the safety of the crew and the heliport operators.

Our Fixed Heliport Lighting units are designed to last with reliable operation throughout the entire service life. Each unit comes with testing certification to guarantee its use. Moreover, our lights are easy to install and require no maintenance.

The design uses advanced technology for excellent visibility in all weather conditions. The system can be attached to both AC and DC power connections.

Our lighting units are in compliance with FAA and International optical intensity regulations. There are three mounting options- for further details, contact our experts at FSE Safe.


Choosing the right heliport lighting is directly linked to the safety of a helideck. There are a variety of options available, and you can only choose the best one after considering a few factors such as geographical location, power source, environmental conditions such as the weather and presence of chemicals, etc.

We offer a wide range of helideck lighting equipment, including; perimeter lights, battery-powered lights, wind cone assemblies, solar-panel-charged and low voltage lighting systems, remote lighting units, and more. By choosing any of the options, you can rest assured of excellent quality, performance certification, and reliable use. Our systems are designed with innovative LED units to surpass the ordinary helideck lighting units.


HAPI or helicopter approach path indicator systems are designed to create visual indications for the pilots. These lighting units essentially help pilots with a precise glide slope when a final approach is near. With accurate performance, pilots can have a safe and precise judgment on the distance; whether their approach is too high, too low, or just right on-slope.

Our Approach Lights are designed with indicators of red and green light combinations. All our units are made with state-of-the-art engineering and rugged construction for maximum durability. On each purchase, you will receive performance and safety certifications.


In case of helicopter crash incidents, ancillary rescue equipment is designed to provide the right tools for rescue missions. Helicopter Crash Rescue Locker H1/H2 Package is designed by experienced field experts. It comprises the most recommended equipment including;

Adjustable wrench, Rescue axe, Cutters, Crowbar, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Fire Resistant Blanket, Ladder, Lifeline rescue harness, Assorted screwdrivers, Mineral Fiber, Filter masks, and more.

Contact us for kit details or make your own customized crash rescue locker.


The selection of rescue equipment is gathered strategically to help control or escape helicopter crash incidents. This package is in compliance with the safety regulations. Each unit is designed with premium material for reliable performance in intense conditions.

The kit includes; Large Rescue Axe Bolt Cutters, Equipment Locker, Grab Hook, Heavy Duty Hacksaw, Large Crowbar, Rescue Harness, Side Cutting Pliers, Power Cutting Tool, Harness Knife & Sheath, Fire Resistant Blanket, Gloves, etc.

These kits are used for both offshore helideck and land-based heliport sites. You can order a standard H3 locker or modify your own portable kit.


Safety does not only mean prevention; it also means being prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. We offer Helicopter Crash Equipment and Safety Tools. This kit helps create a fast response to helicopter crash accidents and rescue missions.

Our Crash Kit is compatible with FAA, NFPA, ICAO, and CAP 437 regulations. The equipment set includes; fire suppression devices, crash box kits, first aid, safety netting, and more.

For more information on the kit, get in touch with our rescue expert team and let us know if you need to customize your own kit.

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Our inspiration is your safety. We constantly push to keep up with technological advances in heliport lighting to offer you the most innovative heliport lighting solutions and crash kit equipment. Contact us to place an order, and revamp your helipad or helideck safety system today!

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