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ATEX is a European directive that is specially designed to ensure the safety of electrical and non-electrical products in an explosive environment. ATEX is an abbreviation for “ATmosphereEXplosible”. It is a new approach to provide safety for personal protective equipment (PPE) against the explosive environment or the types of equipment used in hazardous areas. ATEX or IECEx products must be used for safe operation. This is an important requirement for manufacturers concerning the worker’s safety and health.

Directives Requirement:

1. Products: Certification, Declaration of Conformity, and a guidance manual allowing to affix the marking
2. Manufacturers: Quality assurance system, Annual auditing, Appointment of an authorized person.


IECEx is a voluntary certification international scheme. It is a global standard for explosive environments. The main goal is to improve the international flow of electrical equipment. Specifically designed for an explosive atmosphere and therefore avoids various national certifications and at the same time guaranteeing a proper level of safety.

In an explosive atmosphere where products are subject to dangerous explosions, or to hazardous compounds of air, vapors, gases, mists, or dust that can combine to cause fire, this requires that products fulfill these standards to guarantee safety. In this article, we will introduce products we offer at FSE to fulfill this standard.


At FSE Safe, we offer various explosion-proof equipment that meets the terms for hazardous areas. These include:

GAS DETECTORS MONITORS: FSE Safe gas detectors, gas monitors equipment meet all the tough industrial requirements. Suitable for monitoring toxic and flammable gas content in a hazardous environment. Gas detectors are available as fixed or portable. It is essential to choose the correct gas detector equipment for better protection and safety.
● Portable Gas Detector: Portable gas detectors are smaller, compact, and handheld, mostly used in confined spaces.
● Fixed Gas Detector: Permanently attached gas detector, designed for fixed working areas and can provide 24-hour protection and detection of gases.


Mobile phones with ATEX & IECEx certification are intended developed for use in dangerous explosives areas. This is the most suitable solution for the mobile worker with definite specifications. FSE Safe is the main distributor for a wide range of Ecom instruments for hazardous areas. Mobile phones (smartphones), tablets, and handheld computers incorporate mobile computing and information for safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEXO ATEX MOBILE PHONES are guaranteed by ATEX for Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous areas.


Blackline safety is for better visibility into protection and productivity. Helps to provide on-time work by proper supervising of a small crew within budget. Blackline safety offers short and long-term rental options for area monitoring. It delivers direct monitoring with safety and productivity to secure frontline clarity, site safety. You will pay only for the time you required.


Explosion Proof Digital Camera is designed to use in hazardous areas to ensure it can go safely where most cameras and phones cannot go safely. It is certified with a professional inspector in mind. Due to its high-intensity flash, it lights up the darkest areas offering high-quality digital imagery easier and clearer than ever.


Explosion-Proof CCTV Cameras and Surveillance Solutions is designed for better performance in explosive and hazardous environments. FSE Safe explosion-proof system camera features an ATEX/IECEx-certified. Its stainless steel installation blocks sparks from escaping and inflaming gases or dust. Cameras produce remarkably crisp video with up to powerful pixels, better visual, True Day/Night, and True WDR for constant monitoring in both hazardous-area and safe-area applications.

Explosion Proof ATEX Products

FSESAFE – Explosion Proof products for use in Hazardous Areas and Explosive Atmospheres ATEX – IECEx Certified. Zone 0/20, Zone 1/21, Zone 2/22 Hazardous Area Electrical Safety Products – Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment with international classifications according to ATEX and IECEx