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Portable Gas Detectors and Gas Monitoring Equipments

Provide your confined space workplace with reliable gas safety systems. A portable gas detection monitor is a must no matter if you work with dangerous toxic gases or work in a confined space, or in factories dealing with combustible risk components such as chemicals, oil, gas, etc.

Multiple gases present in the industrial spaces are colorless and odorless and hence humans can’t detect them. So, many businesses that regularly work with these harmful gases require a gas monitor or portable gas detector, to keep their employees safe from these dangerous compounds.


FSE Safe supplies gas detectors that are easy to operate, ergonomically well designed, and well equipped with a digital display. A gas detector is an essential gas leak detection system for overall safety at the workplace. This gas detector comes in two basic styles used in commercial and industrial spaces. Some fixed gas detectors are tied to the overall building automation system or fixed in the areas where it is most likely to experience concentrations of hazardous gases.

Gas detectors are also available as portable detectors so that we can carry them around in a high-risk area to measure the presence of harmful gases. The gas detectors detect flammable or combustible gases using ultrasonic or infrared detectors. There are different types of detectors:

Single gas detector

Single gas detectors are used for measuring one specific gas type. These are mainly portable gas detectors, well equipped with one specific sensor that is used to detect one particular gas. Gas detectors are the most affordable solution in terms of gas detectors.

Multi-gas detector

Portable multi-gas detectors are suitable for detecting multiple gases. A personal multi-gas detector is a portable multi-gas detector that is used to detect four types of gases. FSE Safe provides various multigas detectors from various brands, to know more reach out to our sales team.

The Multigas detector detects the air in a variety of spaces concurrently and measures toxic gases. It is also used to alert employees to low oxygen areas. It is beneficial as it provides immediate notification when dangerous concentrations of gases are reached to a large group of people working in a commercial or industrial space.

Gas Monitoring Equipment

For measuring one specific gas type.

Same as gas detectors, personal multi-gas monitors are also used as fixed or portable. Gas monitors have confined space air monitoring equipment specially designed for individual alerts, it is used to send immediate signals to complete buildings.

Portable gas monitoring can be easily carried at the workplace to detect harmful gases and to the areas of low oxygen, they provide quick warning by the device to prevent them from entering a critical situation. It can also be worn in cloth as most of the gas monitors are small, lightweight, and rugged.

Portable Gas monitors can be specially designed to identify a single gas, multiple gases, or low oxygen areas. It is available in two different styles: Diffusion monitors feature sensors that can analyze gases when in personal contact with them and Pump-style monitors pull samples of air for analysis.

FSE Safe Supply Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors:

● BW
● Crowcon
● Draeger
● Honeywell

Final Comments:

FSE Safe supplies you with gas detectors for confined spaces to perform a gas measurement. In the unlikely event of a calamity, you can also be rescued from the confined space with our products. With all gas detectors and gas monitors, it is very important to have the sensors calibrated periodically by the manufacturer’s instructions. To know more in detail or for any query reach us via below Contact us.