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Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) : Fire detection system

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) usefull fire detection system installed on Sphere Tanks, Floating Roof Tanks, Pump Station.

Tanks are particularly susceptible to fires caused by vapour escaping due to worn or damaged rim seals. LHDC can be used as a stand

Digital LHDC is a two core cable that responds to a small flame. The reactive polymer insulators melt at a specified alarm temperature, causing the two inner conductors to fuse together creating a switched circuit.

The cable is continuously monitored and provides Open Circuit (Fault) and Short Circuit (Fire) notification.


Construction: Comprises of a twisted pair of twin core cables. Each core comprises of tinned copper coated spring steel and is coated in a heat reactive polymer. The cable is then protected by a Nylon outer sheath.


  • 700-070 – 70°C Alarm Temp, 45°C Max Ambient
  • 700-090 – 90°C Alarm Temp, 70°C Max Ambient

Response Time:   Less than 10 Seconds to a small flame

UL Listed: UL File No. S24081 UTHV Listed

Installation : LHDC is mounted above the rim seal at a location where it will most readily detect any leaked vapour ignition that may occur.

LHDC Advantages:
  • Fast Response to a small flame < 10 Seconds
  • Fixed Temperature 90˚C operation with 70˚C ambient temperature withstand
  • Intrinsically Safe operation, suitable for Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2 Hazardous areas
  • Single zone or Multi Zone configuration / tank, with optional location display
LHDC has a Black Nylon outer sheath which provides:
  • High Resistance to UV Radiation
  • Continuously monitored for Fire and Fault conditions
  • Maintenance free over its service life (expected 20 years +)

The LHDC system can incorporate a remote (outside of the tank) “Test Fire” and “Test Fault” key switch to simulate fire and fault conditions back to the control panel

UL Listed – UL File No. S24081