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Ventilation Fans for Battery Room IIC Certified Fans – FSE SAFE

Ventilation Fans for Battery Room IIC Certified Fans – FSE SAFE

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A common application of ‘IIC’ fans are for battery room extract systems, where a UPS is required.

Battery room is a room in a facility used to house batteries for backup or uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Battery rooms are found in Marine Vessels, Telecommunications, Power Plants, Substations even is diesel-electric and nuclear submarines.

During Battery charging, hydrogen gets released. Under normal conditions, the amount of hydrogen emitted is very small, however in case of battery rooms there is high level of batteries charging. The room can become highly explosive as the hydrogen mixes with the oxygen. Ventilation of a battery room is critical to maintain the concentration below the lower explosive limit.

Various Safety and Health atmospheric hazards in Battery Room include emission of hydrogen.

There is always a possibility of explosion by arcing/sparking around the battery terminals due to Hydrogen and Oxygen presence from the charging process, acid burns, spillages, overcharging and toxic fumes. Under extreme conditions, certain types of batteries can explode violently. A battery explosion is usually caused by the misuse or short-circuit malfunction of a battery.

It is essential to keep the battery room adequately ventilated to keep concentration of hydrogen level within safe limits. If allowed to accumulate in enclosed area, it can easily ignite leading to explosion.

The National Fire Protection Association lists the lower explosive level (LEL) of hydrogen as 4% by volume.

As per Hazardous Area Clasifications, Hydrogen is IIC Gas.

IIC certified Fans are required to ventilation of Battery Rooms.

IIC hydrogen certified fans & motor assembly

The challenge in supplying IIC Hydrogen fans.

IIC gases are typically hydrogen, acetylene, carton disulphide.

Although EN 14986 the design of fans for potentially explosive atmosphere.

In its present scope it does NOT cover IIC gases.

A fan for IIC would require design to additional standards as well as possibly EN 14986.

FSESAFE provide solutions with products certified to either ATEX IECEx or both. Our certification is for both mechanical & electrical, not to be confused with a non-certified fan fitted with an IECEx or ATEX motor.

Our principle designed a range of fans which are ideal for such applications, as their certification covers for hydrogen being present in the gas mix.

These fans have been 3rd party certified by EV N.B. SIRA

Third-Party Certification ATEX Fans – is a key feature to differentiate us from our competitors. If only the fan manufacturer is confirming compliance, there is element of risk on the enduser. 3rd Party certification provides the reliability and dependability for the enduser, and they do not have to take the risk of only getting compliance from manufacturer. Certain times commercial pressures may lead to overlooking safety.

Independently certified IIC hydrogen fan manufacturer.

The fans are available as centrifugal cased units, plug fans or axial.