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Defibrillators AED for Offshore & Maritime – FSE SAFE

Defibrillators AED for Offshore & Maritime – FSE SAFE

Offshore platforms – FPSO, Drilling Rigs, Marine Vessels, Rescue Crafts, Fast Rescue Crafts and Boats, Coast guard rescue boats, Ships – Vessels – Boats.

Given the protracted response times and isolation of offshore vessels and structures; a defibrillator placement is an essential live-saving component.
Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills more than 3 million people each year. A proven method to treat SCA is to deliver electric shocks to the heart to restore a normal rythym. It is necessary to act in the first 5 minutes before a sudden cardiac arrest, the maximum time to apply defibrillation to a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Treatment in such limited time frames are difficult ashore let alone managing on vessels, boats and offshore platforms.

AED Defibrillators provide the necessary treatment – The automated external defibrillator then on its own makes sure whether the person needs CPR or not and whether more shock needs to be given to the patient for resuscitating him. The statistics of people getting saved because of the presence and usage of an AED is quite high – around 70-90%.

FSE SAFE specialise in Emergency and Rescue products – Fire Rescue and First Aid Safety products for #Offshore – #Marine #Vessels – #Shipyards – #Rescue #Crafts. 
FSESAFE AED Defibrillators for offshore environment use and on vessels and boats.
Highly portable and Industry-leading environmental protection.
Offers #IP56 rating for protection from dust and water, one of the highest ratings in the industry.

#Cardio #protecting all types of vessels with an AED defibrillator will save the life of any crew member in the event of sudden cardiac arrest on the high seas.
In addition, an important factor that occurs in this type of boat and that can increase the chances of suffering a sudden death, are the high temperatures in the summer season. Continuous exposure to the sun and high temperatures causes blood pressure to rise due to heat and heat stroke, which can lead to cardiac arrest.

The maximum time to apply defibrillator AED to a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest is 5 minutes. It is not sufficient time for emergency services to arrive in situations at sea, so the action of the people present on the ship is vital for the survival of the victim. Marine vessels – Oilfield platforms – FPSOs – Rescue Crafts – Offshore drilling rigs – Offshore platforms need to be equipped with #AED #Defibrillator ideally every at every 1minutes 30 seconds reachable distance. If a person suffers from SCA and needs treatment a crew member should be able reach the casualty and provide necessary treatment via AED Defibrillator.