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Cradling on Vessel! – FSE SAFE

Cradling on Vessel! – FSE SAFE

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Cradling on Vessel!

Puzzled to see what I have written as a headline? Yes, you got that right, if you are one of the battlers in the sea and you got to use this term in practical terms rather than just talking about it theoretically – you would be puzzled. Especially when there’s a casualty in the water, and lifting a casualty from the water into the rescue boat, it is quite difficult because of the wet clothes and the heavyweight. So what’s the solution to save a person who is either being injured or exhausted or being unconscious in the water?

FSE Safe has a solution for it. The Dacons Rescue nets / Scramble nets / Fisherman rescue frame, the names are many but the outcome is one. Offered by Dacon the rescue nets are the nets used on rescue crafts which allows the rescue personnel to save the casualty. And that too in the horizontal position which ensures fullbody support. This horizontal recovery of the body might prove to be more beneficial as it reduces the possibility of shock and aggravation of injuries which are associated with the body temperature.

Using Dacons cradle while recovering will ensure the rescue person to lift only half the weight of the person in distress. The main feature of Dacons cradle is that it is quick which ultimately saves valuable time in critical situations and is efficient. It will never ever bother you for space as well. Because it takes minimum space when rolled up for the storage. Which again makes it comfortable to be used on the smaller rescue crafts where there is low space.

The Dacons rescue frame is basically attached to rescue is crafts railings which make it easier to use. The person who are able to climb onboard can also use this as a scrambling net.

The Dacon provides these rescue frame with different editions for various applications mentioned below

  1. Red/ White for Rescue crafts.
  2. All black for Navy and police authorities. Etc.

The other products offered by Dacon are Dacons Rescue basket & Rescue star. They are one of the best products offered by Dacon who has gone through all the NMD requirements for rescue baskets for use onboard stand by vessels. It has its unique features like the innovative folding design of only 69 cm, which allows it to take minimum space on board and facilitating the use on any vessel with the crane fittings. Going further with the basket Dacon launched another product similar to the basket which was called Dacon Rescue Star. In this Product Dacon offered variety of options based on the accommodation from 2 to 8. The picture of which can be seen in the column below.

In conclusion: at sea, we can expect accidents and man overboard is the most common accident. This can lead to a situation that can get out of hand quickly and you may lose a life or injure your team member. Simple solutions are available and FSE Safe offers a durable, easily applied, long-lasting solution for your Marine Rescue operations. Prevent disasters – Deploy FSE Safe Marine Rescue solutions – Cradling on Vessel saves lives.

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