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Explosion Proof ATEX Lighting

ATEX Lighting is designed as a safe lighting solution for hazardous locations; particularly those certified by the ATEX Regulations as Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) potentially explosive atmospheres.
They offer an extensive selection of portable lighting for temporary applications. Each light is compliant with ATEX and IECEx standards and available with certification.
These lights are available in different categories, including; Fluorescent or LED, Portable(Headtorches,etc), or Temporary (Airlamps & Mobile Lighting).


These lamps are heavy duty and particularly made for use in Explosion Hazardous Areas. These hand lamps comply with ATEX and IECEx Zones 0 and 1 The Atexor MICA® IL-800 Zone 0 and Zone 1 for versatile applications.
They come with a dual-mode switch for light adjustment, and optional emergency blink mode. When in charge, it turns on automatically in case of a power outage.
They are available in MICA® IL-800 and MICA® ML-808 HAND LAMP models.


Suitable for any hazardous zones with potentially explosive atmospheres, RayTec LED Ex-Lighting delivers. These lights are especially designed to protect an area from explosions caused by flammable liquids, gases, fumes, or combustible dust.

These lights are certified in accordance with ATEX and IECEx Zones 0, 1 and 2, and global standards for lighting in explosive zones.


FSE Safe Exportable LED lights are crafted with innovative LED technology to offer exceptional performance, durability and energy efficiency. FSE Safe Exportable LED lights are in compliance with international safety standards for explosive zones in industrial environments. Among the recommended utilities are; Maintenance and tank cleaning, lighting confined space with no glare effect, and engineering activities with excellent control over the required lighting angles both indoors and outdoors, etc.

Moreover, these compact lights are cost efficient both in the initial price and long-term energy saving.


With a special focus on safety, FSE Smart Lighting Solutions present ATEX-certified torches is designed to safely function in potentially explosive atmospheres or zone 1. The industrial utility of these lights include; fire vigilance sectors, military, government and private rescue companies, etc.

Smart Intelligent Lighting solutions ATEX offer the most innovative models of ultra light lithium-ion batteries- combined with the latest technology to provide high power LEDs.

These lamps are impeccable in all aspects; designing, manufacturing, and performance with ultra modern components.


Combining function and innovation, FSE ATEX Explosion Proof Lighting Hand Lamps are made for utility around confined spaces in hazardous zones and explosive environments both indoors and outdoors. They are available in two several unique models. Depending on the utility, they are also categorized as below
ATEX Ex Portable and Temporary Lighting
● Available models: Portable Ex-Floodlight and Ex-Linears
● Used for confined space hazardous areas.
ATEX Ex-Lighting
● Available models: Ex-Floodlight, Ex-Luminaires, Ex-Bay Lights, Ex-BulkHeads, Ex-Crane Deck Lighting
● Used for Hazardous Areas
ATEX Ex Intrinsically Safety
● Available models: Handlamps, Torches, Headlamps, Explosion Proof Floodlights, SearchLights, ATEX Ex Flashlights
● Used as portable Lumination


FSE Safe Lighting offers a variety of offshore, on shore and marine beacons and strobes. These are often used as flashing and state indicators, illuminating the rotating units, functioning as beacons and strobes. When it comes to safety, these lighting items provide visibility. Moreover, visual alarms for situations such as gas and oil leaks, evacuation alerts, and other hazardous situations.

They are designed in an assortment of colors and safety features, including explosion proof properties. For installments, there are mounting provisions, power source compatibility to meet a variety of demands.

These lighting options boast an exceptional durability, often over 100,000+ hour service life. They are manufactured with ultra-bright and high-intensity LEDs, with remarkable technology and surprisingly low prices.


Made especially to meet portable lighting demands, the rechargeable lighting products are used across several industries. Rescue sectors, however, benefit from these lights the most, used as floodlights, search lights, flashlights, and ATEX explosion proof lighting.

They are designed with robust rechargeable LEDs for incorporating in floodlighting systems and searchlights. The reliability of these lights and exceptional performance has made them a common utilitarian object among the police force, military stations and forest rescue crews across the globe.

The highlights include; light output 4-5 times higher that the traditional varieties, maintenance free recharging system, compact and lightweight, available at budget friendly prices.


FSE SAFE offers HELIDECK EXPLOSION PROOF products designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. These lights are in compliance with safety regulations worldwide, providing safety netting equipment for a wide range of applications, helipads from rooftop hospitals, offshore oil rigs, military use, etc.

The design boasts a structural galvanized tubing that functions as a safety netting frame. The frame is further enhanced with an outrigger and a premium galvanized fence for the netting material.

The construction features an adorable and knotless design and resistant material against salt water, ultraviolet radiation, temperature, etc.


Portable lamps are essential to workplaces with dim lighting, night time tasks or underground activities such as mines. These Explosion Proof Lighting are compatible with Explosive Atmospheres and Hazardous Areas Zone1 and Zone2.

Among the highlights are; portability and temporary lighting option, explosion proof lighting for inspection, repair or maintenance in confined spaces, etc. They also offer durable charge and offer several modes of lighting to be adjusted according to application.


The ATEX Explosion Proof Air Driven Pneumatic lamps are designed particularly as safety options in explosive atmospheres. Manufactured to last, these lamps are in compliance with the international standards under IMPA CODE 330621 and IMPA CODE 330622.

Essentially, pendant air explosion proof lighting functions with high power compressed air. They are used as illumination options for; shot blasting, maintenance of storage tanks and vessels and pipeline, engineering activities, etc. besides exceptional safety, they provide an efficient substitute to low voltage lighting where there are explosive zones.

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