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EX Window Air Conditioner

ATEX 3G Zone 2, Window Air Conditioning Unit: 230V 50Hz

Explosion Safety: II 3G ; Ex ic nAC IIB T3 Gc

This window air conditioning unit, manufactured by Carrier/Midea, has been modified to comply with explosion safety regulations for its use in hazardous Zone 2 areas. The unit operates on 230V, 50Hz power supply.Operating on 230V at 50Hz, it provides cooling, and heating functionality is available upon request.

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The conversion process strictly adheres to ATEX 95 safety standards, guaranteeing strong explosion protection while maintaining essential elements of the original design. The package includes an explosion-proof window-type air conditioner and an EX-approved remote control, facilitating uncomplicated installation and operation. Furthermore, the unit is pre-filled with refrigerant, enabling immediate use upon power connection. Upon request, conversion services are also available for other prominent European HVAC brands such as Toshina, Mitsubishi, and Daikin. Cost effective ATEX Zone 2 , Window AC Unit


1.The installation process is user-friendly, allowing anyone to easily install it without requiring any specialised expertise.2.Cooling-centric with optional heating: Primarily designed for cooling but can provide heating upon request.
3.Rapid delivery: Quick product delivery for time-sensitive needs.
4.Simple installation and operation: Designed for ease of both installation and day-to-day use.
5.ATEX Zone 2 safety: Meets standards for potentially explosive atmospheres in hazardous environments.


1.Ideal for gas tanker ships: Ensures reliable cooling on vessels transporting gas, crucial for safety with volatile substances.
2. Petrochemical plants are specifically designed to regulate temperature in chemical processing plants, supporting a wide range of industrial processes.

  1. Offshore oil platforms are engineered to withstand harsh environments and play a crucial role in providing necessary cooling on these platforms.
  2. Enclosure/container cooling systems are tailored to meet the needs of industries that require controlled environments, making it an ideal solution for enclosed spaces or containers.
Technical information
Type Window Unit : fixed control, (remote on request)
Voltage 230 Volt (220-240)
Frequency 50 Hz (60Hz on request
Refrigirant R-410A European approved
Atex Zone 2, II 3G; ic nAC IIB T3 Gc

ATEX AC Split Systems

Explosion Safety: II 3G ; Ex ic nAC IIB T3 Gc (For Gas Groups IIA/IIB/IIC)

Elevate your safety standards with our state-of-the-art ATEX explosion safe AC Split Systems. Engineered to meet the demands of hazardous Zone 2 environments, our units offer a seamless conversion from Daikin to ensure optimal protection without compromising essential features. Featuring an integrated heat pump function for both heating and cooling, our ATEX air conditioner units are versatile and efficient. With European-approved R-410A refrigerant, you can trust in their reliability and compliance. Each set includes an ATEX approved outdoor and indoor unit, complete with a convenient remote control for easy operation. 

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Our products come delivered with an official ATEX Certificate, guaranteeing compliance with industry safety standards. Choose from a range of models with heating and cooling capacities spanning from 2.5 kW to 20 kW (8500 BTU/hr to 68000 BTU/hr). We also offer expert Explosion Safe conversion services for other leading European HVAC brands like Carrier. Explore our selection of Carrier window air conditioner models, all rigorously tested for flameproof capabilities. Experience cost-effective ATEX Zone 2 split units designed to keep your workspace safe and comfortable. Trust in us for top-tier explosion-proof portable air conditioner solutions. Additionally, consider our explosion-proof window air conditioner options for added peace of mind. Elevate your safety standards today with our innovative ATEX AC Split Systems.
  1. Low operational noise (dB)
  2. Heat pump for efficient heating and cooling
  3. Easy installation and user-friendly operation
  4. ATEX Zone 2 certification for hazardous areas
  5. Tested for Ingress Protection (IP) and impact resistance.
  1. Gas tanker ships
  2. Chemical plants
  3. Offshore oil platforms
  4. Industrial facilities
  5. Harsh environments
Technical information

Type Split Unit :

Wall Mounted (Cassete mounted on request)


230 Volt

Frequency :

50 Hz (60Hz on request)




Zone 2, II 3G; ic nAC IIB T3 Gc

Atex:  IIA / IIB / IIC

Zone 2, II 3G; ec ic nC h IIC T3 Gc

ATEX Air Conditioners

ATEX Zone 2, Explosion Proof Split Unit Air Conditioners

Explosion Safety: II 3G ; Ex ec ic nC h IIC T3 Gc (For Gas Groups IIA/IIB/IIC)

Introducing a cutting-edge line of ATEX Zone 2 Explosion Proof Split Unit Air Conditioners, providing unparalleled safety and performance in hazardous environments. Our expertise lies in the conversion of renowned HVAC brands like Daikin, Carrier, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba, tailoring them to meet the rigorous ATEX explosion protection standards. These units are specially designed for Zone 2 hazardous areas, ensuring utmost safety without compromising on functionality. Featuring an integrated heat pump function for both heating and cooling, they offer a versatile solution for maintaining comfortable temperatures in demanding environments. 

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Our ATEX Air Conditioners and ATEX / EAC-EX split units are equipped with European-approved R- 410A refrigerant, further enhancing their efficiency and environmental compatibility. This technology is equivalent to the US NEC Class 1 Division 2 equipment, providing a seamless transition for global compliance. Adhering to a philosophy of excellence in explosion protection while preserving the core features of the original product, these ATEX Air Conditioners are easy to install and operate, ensuring a hassle- free experience for our valued customers. Each set includes an ATEX approved outdoor unit, indoor unit, and a user-friendly remote control, simplifying the installation process. With heating and cooling capacities ranging from 2 kW to 33 kW (8,500 BTU/hr to 140,000 BTU/hr), we offer a diverse range of options to cater to various requirements. In addition to our flagship offerings, we are proud to introduce our range of explosion-proof portable air conditioners, as well as Carrier window air conditioner models. These innovative solutions expand our product portfolio, providing even more options for your specific needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our cost-effective ATEX Zone 2 split units. Trust in our commitment to safety, reliability, and performance in every environment, backed by years of expertise in the field of explosion protection. Elevate your HVAC experience with us.
  • Low noise unit for a quiet working environment
  • Integrated heat pump for year-round climate control
  • Swift delivery to minimize downtime
  • Easy installation and user-friendly operation
  • ATEX Zone 2 certified, with Zone 22 option available on request
  • Rigorous IP and impact testing for durability and resilience
  • “Blue Fin” anti-corrosion treatment for extended lifespan
  • Gas tanker ships
  • Chemical plants
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Industry settings
  • Harsh environments
  • Analyzer and battery rooms
Technical information

Input Voltage:

200-240 Volt



Type Split Unit:

Wall Mounted (Ceiling mounted on request)




Zone 2, II 3G; ic nAC IIB T3 Gc

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

ATEX / EAC-EX Zone 2 Split Units (For High Ambient Temperature Conditions)

Explosion Safety: II 3G ; Ex ec ic nC h IIC T3 Gc (For Gas Groups IIA/IIB/IIC)

Introducing our cost-effective Explosion Proof Zone 2 Split Units, specially designed for hazardous environments where safety is paramount. Whether you facing high ambient conditions in desert or tropical climates, or low ambient Nordic conditions, our units are built to perform. Meeting the rigorous ATEX and EAC-EX standards, these air conditioners ensure safe operation in Zone 2 gas/vapor explosive atmospheres, equivalent to NEC Class 1 Division 2 equipment (C1D2) in the US. 

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Equipped with an integrated heat pump function for both heating and cooling, our units provide versatile climate control solutions. They are also designed with European-approved R-410A refrigerant, meeting the highest industry standards. Easy installation and operation are at the core of our product philosophy. Our sets comprise of ATEX approved outdoor and indoor units, available in wall or ceiling-mounted options, along with a convenient remote control for added convenience. Explore our range of explosion-proof portable air conditioners, including carrier window air conditioner models, designed to provide top-notch performance without compromising safety. Elevate your environmental safety standards with our reliable and efficient explosion-proof window air conditioners, built to withstand even the most demanding conditions. Trust in our flameproof air conditioners to deliver unparalleled protection and performance in hazardous settings.
  • Frequency Options: Available in both 50Hz and 60Hz for versatile compatibility.
  • High Ambient Performance: Engineered to excel in extreme temperatures for reliable operation.
  • 24/7 Reliability: Suitable for continuous operations, ensuring consistent climate control.
  • Ease of Installation and Use: User-friendly setup and operation for minimal downtime.
  • ATEX / EAC-EX Zone 2 Certification: Built for safe operation in explosive atmospheres, providing peace of mind.
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection: Equipped with “Blue Fin” treatment for enhanced durability
  • Gas Tanker Ships: Maintaining safe and comfortable conditions on board.
  • Chemical Plants: Ensuring safety and efficiency in temperature-sensitive environments.
  • Offshore Oil Platforms: Providing comfort in demanding offshore settings.
  • Storage of Hazardous Goods: Safeguarding valuable and dangerous materials with controlled climates.
  • Analyzer Cabinets: Ensuring sensitive equipment functions optimally with precise temperature control.
Technical information



200-240 Volt  (wider input range / 400V on request)

Frequency :

50/60 Hz

Type Split Unit :

FAQ = indoor unit Wall ; FHQ = indoor unit Ceiling

Redundancy control:

Duty / Standby control (on request)




Unit Assessment Certificate: Zone 2, II 3G; ec ic nC IIC h T3 Gc