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The FLAMES DETECTION system, which showcases the cutting-edge CAMERA FLAMVIEWER FV-F-17, is a revolutionary breakthrough in enhancing fire safety in industrial environments.

Through cutting-edge technology, it proactively identifies potential fire hazards by closely monitoring equipment for temperature anomalies. This early detection capability ensures a rapid response, effectively preventing accidents and minimizing damage. In addition, the system is equipped with specialized flame detection features, accurately pinpointing H2 and methanol flames.

This capability is especially critical in environments where these substances are commonly found. With its user-friendly design, the system allows for effortless installation, seamlessly integrating IR Flame Detectors and Flame Detectors into existing setups without causing disruptions to operations.

By offering a comprehensive solution for flame detection and hot spot monitoring, the FLAMES DETECTION system establishes a new benchmark in industrial fire safety. It provides a robust safeguard for assets, personnel, and operations, exemplifying a paramount commitment to safety and security.


Our advanced fire detection system has the capability to detect up to five fires simultaneously, even in the absence of smoke. It can detect fires as small as 1 meter in size from distances of up to 2 kilometers, regardless of whether it’s day or night.


Our system goes beyond conventional fire detection by anticipating potential fires. It monitors for abnormal temperature increases, allowing for early intervention before a fire occurs.

Users have the option to customize temperature thresholds in order to closely monitor equipment for any indications of thermal failure.


We offer various alarm options to ensure timely notification:

  1. Alarm Video Overlay: The Alarm Video Overlay feature allows users to receive visual alerts directly on their control room screens, providing real-time information about fire events.
  2. Dry Contact Output:  the camera can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, allowing for seamless connectivity and the ability to receive alerts through dry contact outputs.
  3. Modbus Integration: Our Video Management software supports Modbus communication, allowing for direct connection to your DCS for streamlined alerting.
We understand that different environments require different specifications. Upon your request, we can supply cameras suitable for Non-Atex areas, Atex Zone 1, or Atex Zone 2 zones, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
Our IP cameras are designed for easy integration into existing CCTV networks or as part of a new comprehensive turnkey system. This ensures a hassle-free setup process and seamless operation within your existing security infrastructure.

In addition to fire detection, our system offers optional alarms to enhance security:

  1. Anti-Intrusion: Detect unauthorized access or intruders, providing an additional layer of security for your facility.
  2. Virtual Fence: Set up virtual boundaries to monitor and alert when there is any breach, further fortifying the perimeter of your premises.

By implementing our comprehensive fire detection system and considering the optional alarms, you will greatly enhance the safety and security of your facility. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.

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