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Ex Portable LED Lighting

Portable ATEX & IECEX LIGHTING provides complete protection with explosive gas and dust in a hazardous location. As we know the tasks and projects handled in the hazardous environment are normally challenging due to poor visibility and dark working situation. So, Atex portable lighting is important for safety and efficiency in areas of dark and or poor artificial lighting for operators’ effectiveness.

ATEX & IECEx certified led portable lighting products are portable, safe, and efficient. FSE Safe Ex portable LED lights are well equipped with advanced LED technology. The led lights for industrial use provide enhanced lighting, better visibility, and save cost. Best Fit for a wide variety of hazardous work environments including tank cleaning, confined space entry, and maintenance activities with increased control of lighting angles and positioning for use.

FSE Safe Portable Rechargeable Explosion Proof Floodlights

Explosion Proof battery-operated floodlight is ATEX and IECEx certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2. Specially designed to provide high lumen output in a hazardous environment. Battery-operated portable lights deliver protection in a hazardous situation such as a store, refines, or combustible, flammable, or ignitable elements.

Available models: 10W and 15W

Comes with option of Magnetic Stand or SUS Bracket Stand

Ex db op is IIC, T4 or T5 or T6, Gb,IP66

Baterry Type:Rechargeable, battery backup 10 hours / 6 hours, Performance warranty.
High efficacy LED Source, Long lifespan
Die-casting Aluminium housing,Tempered glass can endure 7J direct impact,IK08
Ambient temp.-20~+55 ℃.

EXIN Lighting – Portable Lights for Industrial and Emergency Applications

ZONE 0 Explosion Proof Lighting

The EXIN Light portable lighting solution is based on advanced LED technology. It is an extensive range of portable lights for the emergency and industrial industries. that are specifically designed and produced to operate in a wide range of applications. Commonly used in Mining Sector, Hire Industry and Service Providers such as utilities (gas, water, and electricity), railway tradespeople, road maintenance, emergency services, disaster control, etc.

The design of the EXIN Light is in such a way that while using it you don’t need to carry charging cables on-site, or in the office. As it is designed with a well-equipped case, the EXIN Light comes equipped with a storage chamber built within the body, created especially for its charging process.

Created for hassle-free long run time, non-tangling cords, or falling hazards in your daily work conditions.

EXIN Light Accessories:

The EXIN light is a portable light that is safe and efficient comes with a uniquely designed base. The Base is designed to provide the option to add and remove a range of portable light

Other attachments include:
1. Tripod for added height and angle
2. Pole Attachment to secure the EXIN Light safely to a Power Pole or similar objects,
3. Scaffold Attachment for safe use on Work Sites
4. Stabilizing Plate for when those rough weather conditions arise,
5. Solar Panel providing the added convenience to simply fold and store within the body of the EXIN Light when not in use.

Safety Signs that clip over the Light Head comfortable strap Backpacks with Hi-Vis Strips for your safety while you are mobile.

Final Advice:

FSE Safe lighting for explosion protection provides Ex-proof lighting for all types of applications such as General lighting, portable led flood lighting, compact lights, portable led lamps, portable industrial lighting, portable explosion proof lighting, or emergency lighting systems.

FSE Safe is also an authorized partner for customised complete solutions in the field of explosion-proof lighting technology. We manage every stage of the project and offer a comprehensive service in this field. Ask for the quote and our sales team will contact you shortly.